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Fury War 656 Ilvl Hard sustaining DPS.

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Hi guys, this is my armory link:





My problem is that i cant sustain my dps, on pull I can top the meters with +40k dps but as the encounter progreses my dps is low as fuck I and find it hard to do more than 20k on an 8 min fight.


This img shows my routine:



Execute>Bloodthirst>BloodBath=Storm Bolt>Wild Strike> Raging Blow.


Any help would be appreciated.

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First thing I always look at is Enrage uptime. So based on these logs from 3 days ago (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/XfDnJ23AjMgPdVBx#boss=-2) your enrage uptime looks like this:


Kargath: 71%

Butcher: 77%

Brackenspore: 85%

Tectus: 62%

Twins: 28% (I'm guessing you died, so ignoring this one)

Ko'ragh: 81%


Basically what this means is you could be doing more damage. So for example on Tectus, your enrage uptime is 62%, meaning you're missing out on doing 10% extra damage for 38% of the fight.


Also, you're not using Berserker Rage correctly, which might be contributing to your low Enrage uptime. Berserker Rage should be used to enrage you in cases such as if you Bloodthirst and you don't get enraged or if your enrage falls off and Bloodthirst isn't available. You never want to use Berserker Rage just to generate Raging Blow procs.


This link shows your Berserker Rage use compared to your enrage uptime on your Tectus kill:




What you'll notice is that you're using Berserker rage when you're already enraged. The easiest solution to this is to make a weakauras or tellmewhen icon that shows a Berserker Rage icon when you're not enraged.


Other then that, your stats look good for your ilvl. It might just be your rotation or your enrage uptime messing with your DPS.

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As Sven already said, only use berserker rage if you have 2 Bloodthirst in row that didn't crit (And therefor didn't get enraged)

Also try not to dump your rage with Wild strike unless you're enraged, the only exception to this is if you're about to get rage capped.

And also for CD usage try to save your recklessness if you know the boss will be in execute range soon.

For Talents idk if you're just specced for single target high movement fight on your armory, but for any fight where there's 2 targets bladestorm, dragons breath and ravager is the better talent (The only real single target fight being Butcher, and Kargath if not doing stands)

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