[US-Suramar] Alliance - Our Solemn Hour - 6/6 MSV

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About Us

Our Solemn Hour is a committed raiding Guild hailing from Suramar (US West). We've been raiding with each other since the release of Cataclysm and are mainly consisted of a small knit group of friends. We've found that the most consistant raiding guilds that we have participated have always shared the same foundation and we are seeking to fill for 2-3 more spots to help and facilitate this. Amongst other things our crew enjoys PvP, Challenge Modes, Arena, and shooting the gap. We offer a safe, mature, and fun environment for adult players to come and enjoy the game.

Please contact Raid Lead, or CRL for recruitment information or questions in-game or via these forums:

ATTN: Slasher or Gabenn


BattleID: Slasher#1786

What we are looking for:

High -- Paladin [Protection w/ Holy or Retribution OS]

High -- Monk [brewmaster w/ any OS]

Low -- Death Knight [Frost DW or 2H / BB OS]

Medium -- Druid [Restoration / Guardian or Feral or Moonkin OS]

Medium -- Warrior [Any]

*Additionally we expect our players to be capable, progressive and skilled individuals who know their classes inside and out, you are expected to know fights before hand and show active engagement with your toon. You should have excellent raid awareness, the ability to pick up new tricks quickly, and are able to communicate effectively with team (Vent required).*

If your class, slot, or position is not listed above please do not be discouraged, we encourage all skilled applicants to apply by visiting:

Raiding Time and Information:

Tuesday and Thursday thru until Friday 4:30PM until 8:30PM (All Times are in Pacific Standard or GMT -8)

* Please note that on progression raid times may be extended, and/or days added *

We expect all raiders to adhere to a few simple rules to create for a more fluid and consistant environment:

I) Prepared, flasked, trained, repaired and ready to pull at 4:30PM sharp.

II) Basic awareness of encounters, we are not here to nanny our raiders and certain research is expected.

III) Near 100% attendence, if you are unable to commit to any of the times above, it may be best to look elsewhere.

IV) Positive Attitude, good social fit with the guildies.

V) Ambitious go-getter looking to constantly push to the tops and race deeps.

How To Apply:

To apply as mentioned above please contact Slasher or Gabenn in-game on Suramar, or BattleID (Slasher#1786) or by visiting our website at:

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