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Best Pve Opener for Feral.

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What´s up fellow druids!


So i just figured this out after a while of testing and comparing diffrent openers and its safe to say that it is the most damaging one both over time and in burst. The dps talents used are Incarnation and Bloodtalons.


Start off with a Healing Touch to get two stacks of Bloodtalons before entering stealth

As the boss is pulled use Dash and the Agility Potion just before entering combat and then open up with Rake.

Ater that use Incarnation and just as the global cooldown of Incarnation is finished use Berserk and spam Shred until you have 5 combo points then use Fericious Bite.

Now continue to spam Shred until you have 4 or 5 combo points, now cast Healing Touch followed by Tigers Fury just as the Healing Touch global cooldown is finished, then cast Rake and Rip or Rip and Rake depending on if you were at 4 or 5 combo points.

Continue to spam Shred and Fericious Bite at 5 combo poinst until Berserk is over.

Remember though to wait with using Ferocious Bite until you have 25 energy if berserk is active or 50 energy if not as it will deal double the damage. Also use Healing Touch Right before the Ferocious Bite if you have it instant and are not doing anything ealse but waiting for the energy.


Feel free to ask me anything about this opener or other stuff regarding the feral rotation since i am the best feral you will ever hear from and probably even the best feral in the world.


You are welcome.

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Yeah, that would be nice if you were correct. 

The math has been run on this one to death, I've run it along with several notable feral players I have talked to, and the correct opener is to use your first set of combo points on Rip, and the second on FB. The downtime on Rip is not worth moving the BT buff to Rip instead of FB.

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