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upcoming (fire)mage buffs. will haste over take mastery?

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So Fire Mages have some great buffs incoming.  1: Specific to Fire mage, increasing crit gains from sources by 15% (up from 5%) through incineration, 2: a general buff for all class/specs to haste (rating -> %) changing from 100/1 to 90/1


  I know the crit buff won't put fire ahead of frost on it's own, but my quetions are


A: will the haste buff place haste equal to or slightly ahead of mastery?




B: will the crit buff + haste buff change our position in dps ladders?

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This is already  live with the recent hotfix. Dps wise Fire should remain the same, it kind of fixes the scaling and removes the retardness of mastery being our best stat.

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