Heroic/Mythic Twin Ogron Question

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Hi guys,


So my raid is currently gearing for progress on Mythic Twin Ogron and I've noticed something odd in our logs on Heroic which I'd like to clear up. (you can see my graph here - it's not a good log btw, we executed the fight awfully but that's not the problem here).


I noticed that some people (me in particular) take a lot more damage from Quake (the AoE that hits everyone, not Blaze, which is the DoT from the fire) than others do. I can't find a reason for this, but I'm consistently the highest on damage taken because of it.


So my question is, why should I take more damage from the Quake AoE than people who are alive for the same number of Quakes? Is there a positioning component to it?

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Its because your raid isnt stacking for enfeebling roar so the increased !damage taken" debuff isnt being shared,  1 person misses 1st stack, 6 people miss 2nd stack, & 14 people miss both the 3rd and 4th stacks


300% increased damage over 300seconds [divided between affected targets], 


1st stack lasts 33s [11%]

2nd stack lasts 45s [15%]

3rd stack lasts 1min 30seconds [30%]

4th stack is 1min 25s [when boss dies, so would have lasted longed]


so compared to the guy with 1 stack quake does 75% more damage to you because your actually following tactics [and its the reason why a lot of people die at the same point in the fight & healers are wasting a ton of mana thats not needed]

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Thanks for the response! That makes perfect sense and gets me off the hook somewhat for my high damage taken ;)


Yeah it was a messy kill, no doubt about it. We'd been testing a strat in the run up to Mythic and then just gave up on it halfway through. Oops! xD

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