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Pally tank looking for dps help!

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Hey folks,


I'm having trouble with my pally tank's dps and was hoping someone here might be able to help.  I've been following the rotations suggested here, and have what I think is decent gear, but my dps seems terribly low -- other tanks often have to hold back to avoid pulling aggro.  I'm lagging our bear, DK, and warrior tanks, often by 20% to 50%.  In past expansions, I kept up if not exceeded our other tanks and some of our dps, so this has been a rude awakening.  


My armory link:



Log of a recent HK run, the heroic Kargath kill is probably the place to look:



Any thoughts/ideas?  I'm I just not implementing my rotation faithfully enough?  


Thanks in advance,


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Hi there!

Ever since the January 15th hotfix landed, I found myself struggling more than usual to sustain threat against my Protection Warrior partner. With the buffs to Warrior on the hotfix implemented on the 11th, and the nerfs Paladins faced on the 15th, it was really a no brainer as to why. Since then, I have re-arranged my abilities, spells and talents according to each fight a little differently and have found some improvement-- both in survival and damage.

Blizzard states that we should be using Seal of Insight for "its defensive value." However, a 5% increase to healing with a -chance- to heal yourself for 1-3k is hardly defensive. So I opt out of using Seal of Insight unless I find myself in a situation that is dire enough. However, with my current healing team, Seal of Insight does no favors to anyone. Of course, Seal of Truth is now practically useless, as Seal of Righteousness currently deals more damage. So I stick with the latter (Seal of Righteousness) 95% of the time. Once I started doing so, I immediately saw improvement with my threat once again. Though it is hardly what it was a prior to the nerf, of course.

Other things that you may consider to further improve your threat, I would say would be: For encounters like Kargath, switch from Holy Shield to Seraphim. Seraphim may take a bit to get used to if you have often been running with Holy Shield, which is a passive. But the stat increase on all of your secondaries will provide you with excellent DPS as well as Survival. The 5 Holy Power Cost is steep, but well worth it. Having proper up-time on Seraphim will surely help you.

By taking Seraphim, I would further suggest that when you do you also swap Sanctified Wrath for Holy Avenger. Holy Avenger will increase the damage your Holy Power Generating abilities deal by 30% and will also help you pool more Holy Power to activate things like Seraphim and Shield of the Righteous a lot faster. It is a deadly combination and your burst will solidify your threat. During taunt swaps, use Seraphim beforehand so that you have it running when you taunt the NPC back to you. (This will ensure you are ready to establish good threat as well as have secondaries up to help with your survival.)

Last, but not least, I would also recommend opting out of Eternal Flame overall. Regardless of what latter talents you decide to use. Replacing it with Sacred Shield and ensuring you have near 100% up-time will help your survival. Even if it doesn't seem like much. Perhaps you've been changing your talents around and that is why you show up with Eternal Flame at the moment. But I don't see Eternal Flame being used at all during the Kargath encounter you provided. Nor do I see Sacred Shield. By replacing Eternal Flame with Sacred Shield, you are freeing up the use of your Holy Power for other, more important things like; Shield of the Righteous & Seraphim.

That's all the advice I can offer for now at a glance! Sorry for the long response. :)

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Eternal flame as stated above is not really a viable choice since 6.0 hit, since most of the healing now comes from the direct healing and not from the HoT, use sacred shield, it's easy to keep up 100% of the time.

For level 75 talents i pref DP since it yields the most overall Holy Power over a fight, only downside is the randomness but i don't feel like it's a problem tbh. DP is also good in combination with seraphim.

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