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10N Elegon adds

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My guild has had some trouble with elegon phase transitions this last sunday something that wasn't even bothering us prior to those attempts on our first set of attempts two weeks ago we went all the way to the enrage timer no problem other than low dps we've fixed the low dps but now we lose people left and right after we kill the pillars and i don't know whats changed

we have our ranged all stacked in the sweet spot by the console

I move to the 3 o'clock position and pull from there the other tank waits outside for the first add to spawn then taunts elegon and I pick up the add

I bring the add to the ranged and pull it off the edge before it dies melee reset stacks and hit it a little bit

repeat untill draw power

we have all our dps individually assigned an orb (and a pillar to kill) wwe kill four waves letting the fifth go and focus the boss then

we move to the outer edge and kill pillars asap pillars go down quick and all within a few seconds of each other with only 3-4 adds spawned

elegon takes forever to phase transition and spits out 7-8 more adds

off tank tries to tank them all and everyone else aoe's them while i get in melee range so elegon does not deathgrip the raid

multiple people die to the adds we wipe it and try again

before the transition was rough but not impossible to get past this last sunday we spent the whole time wiping to that first one let alone the second HELP!

logs for that night


prior attempt logs


one of the things we're plauged with is only having 6-8 core members on a given night so each night were dealing with pugs but we still should be able to get over this

but the core is

Blood Dk

Resto druid

Windwalker/Mistweaver monk

Holy/Prot Pally/Resto Shaman

Affliction Lock

Feral Druid

BM hunter

the last three could be anything since they'll be pugs probably =/

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I can tell you how my guild manage the phase transition(10 men). We have splited the raid in 2 balanced groups, pozitions of the groups are betwen the middle pillar ann last pillar. One group bring down fast the all 3 pillars at 0%, the second group bring pillars at 1-5%, at the raidleader signal, an designed range(or more if you have dps issues) kill the pillars whit low healt. In this way we dont have more the 6-7 adds. The tanks take aggro on this adds and kite them to the mitting point, in this case the console where the boss is activeted. Teoretically , until you reach the mitting point you must down 2 or 3 adds. We use roots, traps ring frost to slow adds, in this way range can dps whithout taking aggro. If you do in this manner you can take the achivement . The rest of adds are taken by tank under the boss and aoe.

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Having looked at your logs quite a bit, I can't really find a single cause that is consistently wiping you. Sometimes, it seems people die to adds meleeing them, other times to getting hit by Elegon's breath, sometimes even by falling through the floor at the end of Stage Two. So, I can't really identify a specific issue from your logs.

However, based on what you said, I can tell you a few things:

  • The Celestial Sparks melee hard, so the tanks and healers need to keep this in mind. There's really no other time for tanks to need defensive cooldowns in the fight, so they should make it a point to have some up for these transitions.
  • The Celestial Sparks can be split among the two tanks, if a single one can't survive. The tank who takes Elegon first can still have a few Sparks on him while tanking the boss, nothing bad will happen (except that he'll take a lot of damage, so, again, he needs cooldowns and attention from the healers).
  • No DPS player should really be dying to melee from the Celestial Sparks. As you pointed out, they can be crowd-controled quite well, but in any case, a tank should only need a few global cooldowns to get aggro of them, after which time the DPS can burn them down. Your players are going to have to use their abilities here in case they're in danger of dying (things like Feign Death, knockbacks etc.)
As Animux pointed out, it helps to kill the Emypreal Focuses roughly at the same time. Remember that each time a Focus is killed, Elegon's damage and casting speed are increased by 20%, which is going to increase the number of Sparks you get, and the damage the boss does through Unstable Energy. So killing them all at roughly the same time really helps with this.

Also, as Animux pointed out, you can even have your off-tank take the adds under the boss (or split them between the main tank and the off-tank, etc.) and AoE them there.

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