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Sub weapon chant

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Hi guys, im sure this will have been asked before but I have struggled to find the answer.


Using shadowcraft and mrrobot both say use shattered hands but looking at some top geared rogues they are using frostwolf on 1 or both weapons.  Is there a point when we should think about changing from shattered hands enchant? 


Im also running with all multistrike gems and chants which (if my understanding is correct) could be all mastery, but I dont think changing to mastery would make any difference?


In advance thanks for helping straighten this out.

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Multistrike and Mastery are pretty similar. Once you have more of one, you need to get more of the other - just stacking one isn't the best. 


Shadowcraft will give you whatever is best for your current gear level. Since SH does static damage, it's a lot more valuable when your weapons aren't as strong, but as you start to hit harder you'll swap over

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