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Need some advice on 2H Frost

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Hey there,

I would appreciate if I could get some advise on the following questions:

Firstly with the recent haste change would it be wise to run with unholy precence since rp doesn't seem to be and issue and with the emphasis on obliterate I ussualy find myself capped.

Secondly should I use RC or BT?

That's all for now, any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

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What are we talking about? 2H frost or DW Frost?


Even with the haste change Frost Presence is still the way to go smile.png

If you're capping RP and have all your runes filled you are not spamming them enough wink.png



To quote Skullflowers great guide:

Runic Empowerment

RE has a 1.5% chance per Runic Power spent to activate a random fully-deplted rune. This talent requires us to exhaust all our runes to get any benefit back from it. BT/RC, however, lets us hang on to our current runes. This is because RE only works on fully depleted runes (i.e. both sets of a specific rune have to be recharging in order for RE to proc it). This works against the pooling playstyles of 2h Frost, and overall isn't as efficient a talent choice over the other two. Simulated results show RE below BT and RC.
Runic Corruption
RC has a 1.5% chance per Runic Power spent to increase your rune regeneration rate by 100% for 3 seconds. The time that RC lasts decreases depending on your current haste rating. If you are overcapping Blood Charges often or macroing it into your abilities, RC will be the correct talent to use. RC is consistent, but doesn’t have the AoE damage potential of BT. Single target simulated results show RC to be more or less in line with BT.


You can find his full guide here:



It has some great sims from after the changes last week.

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Hey there! Thanks for the reply.


We are talking 2H Frost as the title suggests.


And why not UP? Has anyone tested it so far?


Also my runes are not up when I'm RP capped, the only available skill would be FS when I say I cap RP, I'm pretty sure I spam them enough!

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Basically you should try to have 2 runes available so you can use Obliterate on a KM proc or use PL to free up runes.

Try to get a few FS in just before a new swing(get a swing timer if you don't have it already) so you don't get RP capped and your runes have time to regenerate.

Cast Obliterate when your rune bars are almost full so you don't get capped.

If you do this correctly you should have 1 Obliterate for any KM procs after a swing and you will always have 2 runes regenerating for the next Obliterate.


Of course you will have situations where you don't have runes available for Obliterate but that's what I use PL for.


For the presence I suggest you read the guide I linked, the Sim is in there smile.png


Do you maybe have a link to a warcraft log?

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