Bloom Elemental Reaction

Bloom Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact

This page contains information about the Bloom Reaction in Genshin Impact, explaining what Bloom is, how the Elemental Reaction occurs as well as some recommendations for characters which utilise this reaction.

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Bloom Reaction Guide in Genshin Impact

Bloom is an Elemental Reaction caused by applying Dendro onto Hydro and vice versa. When a Bloom reaction occurs, it will create a Dendro Core that explode after 6 seconds. The Bloom reaction itself deals no damage, it all comes from Dendro Cores or the Elemental Reactions you can do with Dendro Cores.

Bloom can also be triggered by applying Hydro to Quicken. The Quicken aura will essentially act like Dendro if either Hydro or Pyro is applied. This consumes the Quicken Aura instead of just maintaining it like in Aggravate and Spread.


Dendro Cores Explained

When a Bloom reaction occurs, a Dendro Core will be created. Up to a total of 5 Dendro Cores can exist on-field at any time. If more than 5 are created, the first Core will immediately explode instead of after a 6 second timer. These explosions not only damage the enemy but also the player character as well as objects in the world with HP such as the Monoliths you need to defend in the Spiral Abyss.

Dendro Cores cannot CRIT, with the exception of Nahida's The Root of All Fullness (C2). This is hard capped at the 20% stated on the C2 skill however and your CRIT Rate from artifacts has no impact.

If Pyro is applied to a Dendro Core, the Burgeon reaction will occur whereas if Electro is applied to a Dendro Core, the Hyperbloom reaction will occur.


Best Bloom Characters

Listed below are some characters which effectively utilise the Bloom Elemental Reaction. This is not a definitive list and many Hydro or Dendro characters can be used.

Check out our character build guides for team comp examples!

Character Explanation
Kaveh Kaveh's Elemental Skill Artistic Ingenuity and Burst Painted Dome both have the ability to deal Dendro DMG as well as immediately burst any Dendro Cores nearby to burst making him effective in bloom teams.
Xingqiu Xingqiu is a powerful SubDPS who can easily apply Hydro off-field making him great for Bloom reactions. Using Guhua Sword: Raincutter the on-field character can apply Hydro every time your character attacks which is great for Elemental Reactions.
Nahida Nahida has incredibly powerful Dendro application making her great in any Bloom team. Additionally, her unique C2 The Root of All Fullness allowing Blooms to CRIT helps to massively increase Bloom DMG.
Nilou Nilou's Court of Dancing Petals (A1) changes Dendro Cores into Bountiful Cores. These deal more Dendro DMG in a wider radius and explode faster making her amazing in Bloom teams but cannot react to create Burgeon or Hyperbloom. This power also comes with the disadvantage of only being able to have Dendro and Hydro characters in the team, but it is worth it.


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