Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Guide and Rewards Explained

Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Guide and Rewards Explained

This is our overview page for everything surrounding Genshin Impacts Imaginarium Theater endgame mode. Learn what the Imaginarium Theater is, what rewards you can obtain and how this gamemode works.

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What is the Imaginarium Theater?

The Imaginarium Theater is the latest addition to Genshin Impact's endgame content. This mode introduces a unique blend of strategic gameplay and character management designed to test the abilities of even the most seasoned adventurers in new and exciting ways while bringing life to characters you may not have commonly used in the past by limiting what Elements can be used.

This mode is designed to provide a fresh and engaging experience, distinct from the Spiral Abyss, by encouraging more strategic decisions from the gameplay buffs as well as your limited character roster.


How do I Unlock the Imaginarium Theater?

The Imaginarium Theater can be unlocked starting Adventure Rank 35. The quest required is not currently known.

To access the Imaginarium Theater in-game, use the Tome of Reveries located inside of the Theater prep room.


Imaginarium Theater Stages

The Imaginarium Theater comprises of eight distinct Acts which are split into 3 different Planes. Each Plane has a boss fight on the final Act, with the other Acts having various combat challenges such as defeating enemies, defending a Monolith or facing endless waves of enemies within a time limit.

  • Plane I (Level 90)
    • Act 1
    • Act 2
    • Act 3 - Boss
  • Plane II (Level 92)
    • Act 4
    • Act 5
    • Act 6 - Boss
  • Plane III (Level 95)
    • Act 7
    • Act 8 - Boss

Completing battles rewards Fantasia Flowers, more Flowers are rewarded if you choose different difficulties, meet certain objectives or select specific Stage Events that grant Fantasia Flowers. These points can then be spent to select a Stage Event from a list of generated Events.

Every Stage will also have randomly assigned Stage Effects which can provide additional challenges to gameplay.


Stage Events

Stage Events occur before battle in each stage but you can also enter a battle without choosing an Event. The potential events are:

  • Companion Events - Invite a character onto your Principal Cast.
  • Wondrous Boons - Grant your party combat buffs.
  • Mystery Caches - Grant specific buffs but these can come with risk.

Assembling Your Team for the Imaginarium Theater

The key to success in the Imaginarium Theater is not solely based on individual skill but also on you strategically considering your character line-up. There are 2 main groups of characters which your teams are designed around, Opening Characters and Backup Characters. On top of that there are also restrictions to what Elements can be in your line-up.

At the start of the challenge, only your Opening Characters will enter the stage. Each character begins with two units of Vigor, which is reduced by one after each stage they participate in. Managing Vigor is crucial, as it affects when you need to rotate in Backup Characters, with one randomly selected to join after each stage. Vigor can also be restored using a handful of Stage Events but these are not guaranteed and therefore not something you can rely on.

These dynamics require careful planning and flexibility in your approach. The random selection for Backup Characters can significantly impact your strategy for future stages. Always be ready to adapt your tactics based on the new character joining the battle.


Opening Characters

Opening Characters are the main characters granted in each cycle of the Imaginarium Theater. They receive a "Fantastical Blessing" with the first being a 20% boost to their Max HP, ATK, and DEF which is available both inside Imaginarium Theater and in Teyvat. Therefore making them stronger for both Theater challenges, regular gameplay and even Spiral Abyss.

If you do not own any of these opening characters you instead have a trial version. These trial characters come in at level 80 with level 8 talents as well as a good weapon and suitable artifact set. This makes these trial characters much more viable to use compared to other trial characters used throughout the game.


Backup Characters

Outside of the 6 Opening Characters, there are 12 Backup Characters to use inside of the Imaginarium Theater. 1 of these characters can be a Support Character and one can be a Special Invitation Character.

The remaining 10 characters must be characters that you own and also have to be of the three fixed Elements of the current phase. The Support and Invitation Characters are able to bypass the Elemental restrictions.


Special Invitation Characters

You can pick from one of the four available Special Invitation Characters available in a phase. This provides you with additional teambuilding options. There are no trial equivalents of these characters therefore meaning if you do not have this character in your roster, you are unable to pick them for the Imaginarium Theater.


Friend Support Characters

Players on your friends list are able to provide up to 7 characters to be used in the Imaginarium Theater. You do not need to own this character to use them so try and use a character which is not a part of the three fixed Elements of the current phase.


What Rewards Does the Imaginarium Theater Give?

The concept of "Perfect Performance" is tied directly to how quickly you complete each stage. Achieving a Perfect Performance is granted when finishing a stage within their time limit and grants you a star. Accumulating these stars is essential, as the total number of stars gathered impacts the rewards you receive at the end of the challenge.

The Imaginarium Theater offers a range of rewards for those able to clear. Clearing the Theater for the first time grants a first time reward of 1100 Primogems. Future completions instead provide up to 620 Primogems. Players can also receive Midlander Billet Troves, Sanctifying Essence and Character Talent Materials.

One amazing aspect about Imaginarium Theater is that Primogem rewards are not locked behind having a Perfect Performance. This means that if you are a newer player or simply do not have well built characters that are suitable for the required Elements, you will not miss out on the main reward.

Stage First Clear Reward Rewards Per Season
1 100 60
2 100 60
3 200 80
4 100 60
5 100 60
6 200 80
7 100 60
8 200 80
Total 1,100 620

Thespian Tricks and the Thespian Trove

Thespian Tricks are rewards exclusively available to the Imaginarium Theater. These are available from the Thespian Trove and grant your player additional poses to be used inside of the Photo Mode.



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