Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose is a Local Specialty found in Fontaine, mostly around the Court of Fontaine and the Beryl region. It can also be bought in small quantity from Eugenie.

Rainbow Rose is at the moment used exclusively for ascending Lyney and for crafting Hydroculus Resonance Stones.

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How to Obtain Rainbow Roses?

Rainbow Roses can be obtained from select subregions of Fontaine, namely Beryl Region, Court of Fontaine, Belleau Region, and Erinnyes Forest. You can follow our Rainbow Rose Farming Route Guide to find out efficient farming routes for this local specialty.


Is Rainbow Rose Sold by Vendors?

Rainbow Rose is sold by Eugenie, inside the Vassari Passage, in the Court of Fontaine. She sells 5 of them, for 1,000 Mora each, on a 3-day refresh timer.

Item Vendor Cost Stock Refresh
Rainbow Rose Eugenie 1,000 Mora 5 3 days

Can Rainbow Rose be Obtained from Gardening?

Rainbow Rose Seed can be planted in a Luxuriant Glebe in your Teapot, after which time, you need to wait for 2 days and 22 hours before you can harvest your Rainbow Roses.


Which Characters Use Rainbow Roses for Their Ascension?

Currently, only Lyney uses Rainbow Roses for his Ascensions.


What Items Can Be Crafted with Rainbow Roses?

The only crafting recipe that uses Rainbow Roses is the one for making Hydroculus Resonance Stone.

Materials Type Product
500 Mora 5 Romaritime Flower 5 Rainbow Rose 1 Crystal Chunk 1 Hydroculus Resonance Stone


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