Job Opening: Freelance Graphic Designer


We are currently looking for a freelance Graphic Designer to join our team and help to perfect the visual standard that we have nurtured across Icy Veins.

We are specifically looking for someone that is familiar with the style and vision of the site, who can help to stylise and perfect new ideas for guide presentation in the future, while still staying true to the Icy Veins image.


  • You should have experience in both UI and UX design, with a portfolio demonstrating your abilities and previous projects.
  • You should be a fan of Blizzard games, as well as the site, and have a strong understanding of the visual direction of both.
  • We expect you to bring your own suggestions in terms of how to improve the visual aspect of the site, rather than simply awaiting direction.

Applying for the Position

If you feel that you are the right person to fill the position, you can send us an application at [email protected].

We recommend looking through our general Jobs page below before applying, to better understand the process and general requirements for all positions at Icy Veins.