Job Opening: World of Warcraft Section Manager

Job WoW Section Manager

This position is no longer opened.

Icy Veins is recruiting a section manager for the World of Warcraft sections of the website (retail, as well as the Classic and TBC Classic sections). This is a full time position, with the requirements being:

  • high level of written and spoken English (no need to be a native speaker);
  • extensive knowledge of World of Warcraft; knowledge of the game's history, Warcraft lore, and a general passion for the universe and the game are big pluses;
  • experience in playing World of Warcraft at a high level (must have raided Mythic, or Heroic before WoD) going back several years, as well as extensive experience in as many different areas of WoW as possible (collecting, exploring, pet battles, goldmaking, etc.)
  • good understanding of the requirements of high quality written guide content, and ability to identify relevant subjects to be covered (or where coverage should be improved);
  • people management skills and SEO experience are pluses.

The duties of this position will be:

  • carry out a continuous work of reviewing the existing WoW sections on Icy Veins and identifying topics that are covered insufficiently well, or not covered at all;
  • provide feedback to the WoW staff about their content and help them improve their submissions;
  • be involved in planning content updates whenever a new patch, expansion, or other type of release for World of Warcraft is approaching;
  • provide subject matter expertise regarding World of Warcraft.

This is a full time, paid position. Being an active WoW player is a requirement of holding the position.

Applying for the Position

If you feel that you are the right person to fill the position, you can send us an application at [email protected].

We recommend looking through our general Jobs page below before applying, to better understand the process and general requirements for all positions at Icy Veins.