Spellblade Mastery Leveling Build for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

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This is the perfect leveling guide for new players wanting to start with Spellblade! This page will cover everything and anything you could need to know about leveling the class, including which skills to use, what stats to prioritize, and what uniques are useful early in the game.



This version of the Spellblade's leveling build is focused around high damage and Ward generation. The build is extremely beginner friendly and can be used all the way to level 70 without any issue. It is very possible to leave this guide earlier for an end-game build guide if proper equipment is picked up. However, it is recomended to wait until level 70.

This build uses Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike as it's main damage skill; this is used in conjunction with Firebrand Icon Firebrand to ensure massive Critical Strike Damage in a large AoE. Teleport Icon Teleport is taken for our Traversal skill, but also summons a minion that will taunt and gives you stun immunity. There is automation in the build with Enchant Weapon Icon Enchant Weapon, as it will auto cast when off cooldown. Flame Ward Icon Flame Ward is is scaled to give two charges and will automatically trigger if you receive a stun.

Defensively, this build relies on the EHP received from Resistances, Armor, and stacking flat HP. We will also generate enough Ward to be comfortable. It is important to note this class is known for being a glass cannon, although we mitigate this very well with the affix selection in our gear and passive selections.

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Spellblade Leveling Passive Trees

Class Passives Skill Passives
Mage Spellblade
Shatter Strike Firebrand Enchant Weapon Teleport Flame Ward

Mage Passive Tree

Mage Passive Tree

Mage passives are mostly used to provide a defensive boost to our character with Fire and Lightning Resistance. These nodes will increase our melee attack speed with Mage Flurry. Defensively, we rely on Warden to start to push our Ward Retention.

Plan to only invest 20 points in this tree, as that's the minimum requirement needed to unlock the Spellblade passive tree.


Spellblade Passive Tree

Spellblade Passive Tree

This build will not utilize Runemaster or Sorcerer passives at all. Instead, we prioritize every point into Spellblade. Aside from the fact this build does not use skills from the other two Mastery subclasses, Spellblade is able to put points into several nodes that push base Cold Damage, such as Infused Weapon, Frozen Steel, Prismatic Blade, and a large portion of Melee Attack Speed with Essence Duel. We also capitalize our stacks of Firebrand Icon Firebrand stacks (four of them) which gives a massive kick of damage to our Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike with Blade Weaver.

To start off, place the max amount of points into Infused Weapon, two points into (for now) Arcane Warden and then max Frozen Steel. Then pour five points into Arcane Shielding, which starts to bolster our defenses further. We will then jump right into five more points into Essence Duel. Throw the singular point into Gemini, so we can dual wield swords. Roll another eight points into Prismatic Blade to gain massive base damage into our attacks. We then grab ten points into Volka's Razor and only four points into Blade Weaver. We only put four as we can realistically only use four stacks. We get no benefit to our Firebrand Icon Firebrand stacks, because it only gets to four stacks. Put the other two points into Arcane Warden, giving it a total of four points now.

At the point of reaching level 70 and having finished all quests, you should have a total of 20 points into Mage and 50 points into Spellblade. You will have an additional 13 points left over; these can be used in various places in the tree. A good portion of these points could be put into Elemental Affinity in order to bolster Resistances. You can also pour a large chunk of points into Outrun and Outlast to buff up our base HP.


Shatter Strike

Shatter Strike Skill Tree

Our main damage skill used for this build is Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike. This skill has a massive AoE that can clear from side to side, and even behind you at the correct angle. Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike will hit incredibly hard once scaled, with even mediocre weapons. However, it will rely on Firebrand Icon Firebrand to do what we need it to do. Typical skill rotation will be four strikes of Firebrand Icon Firebrand into Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike. This should clear almost any pack in the campaign, and will make short work of any boss you run into as well.

While pathing Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike, prioritize Icy Flow before other nodes. This will ensure we keep Mana cost down and we wont be left with nothing in the tank to kill what we need to, as we do not have a Mana generating skill. Once this is done, work towards Cold Steel. This will add an incredibly large amount of Critical Strike Mulitplier per sword, which will be a total of 240%.



Firebrand Skill Tree

Firebrand Icon Firebrand is the build up booster for our Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike, and they will always be used interchangibly. Although Firebrand Icon Firebrand may clear very low end enemies, don't rely on this for most encounters.

Firebrand Icon Firebrand will generate stacks per attacks landed on an enemy. Each of these stacks will also give us Ward, but most importantly give us +24% chance to critically strike with Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike. This leveling build works with four maximum (default) stacks. This amount coincides with our passive tree, which will at the same time give us four stacks of Blade Weaver.

When scaling this, you should work towards Illuminating Fire immediately, then Fulmination. Once these are done you can move right into the defensive scalers on the rest of the tree as shown.


Enchant Weapon

Enchant Weapon Skill Tree

Enchant Weapon Icon Enchant Weapon is a massive boost to our DPS, as it gives a massive increase to our Melee Attack Speed and base increase to our base Cold Damage. We also take the singular point in Overloaded so that once we build up the four stacks of Firebrand Icon Firebrand. We can attack twice with Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike, the first being free, the second will cost Mana. This is just to mitigate Mana issues we may run into.

Initially, path towards Celerity, as this Attack Speed is our major benefit. We then need to grab Concentration to capitalize on the duration of the buff. Then work towards Kindling Blade, this could be skipped, if you do not mind recasting it yourself. Follow the only pathing left to round out the scaling of Enchant Weapon Icon Enchant Weapon.



Teleport Skill Tree

Teleport Icon Teleport is our movement skill, however it does more than just blink us around the map. We take Unexpected Copy in order to taunt enemies with a minion. This minion does not hit very hard, and is purely to distract. We also take Rock Phase to stay as safe as possible in case we take a wrong turn, helping us avoid being stun locked immediately in a pack of enemies. We focus the rest of the tree on Cooldown Reduction to ensure we can blink when we need to.

Path towards the node Unexpected Copy before Comet Rush. Then follow the only pathing available from there.


Flame Ward

Flame Ward Skill Tree

Flame Ward Icon Flame Ward is our major defensive skill. It will keep us protected from hits that can stun us and will give us a large boost of Ward upon activation. On top of that, Flame Ward mitigates 40% of the damage we take when it is activated. There is also a boost to Mana Regeneration we take with Warmth.

Prioritize Dilation, as the duration and efficiency are key. Then immidiately work up and into both Dual Aegis and Astonish. After this, take the only available route to Warmth.

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Damage Rotation

Clearing and Bossing will follow the same approach. The only difference would be positioning and the avoidance of high damage mechanics. Open up with four attacks of Firebrand Icon Firebrand and one or two strike of Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike. As you progress, you will learn the packs that may or may not need a stack of Firebrand Icon Firebrand to die. The approach is direct and easy to execute as you make your way through the campaign.


Gearing and Affixes

The Shatter Strike leveling build utilizes dual wielding with one handed swords. Ideally, this will eventually be Crystal Sword Icon Crystal Sword, as their implicits are too good to pass up. Understand that Dexterity is extremely important, as each point provides 1 added damage per Dexterity. Intelligence is secondary, as it adds increased Cold Damage and Ward Retention.

Below is a list of Affixes you should aim for to better suit the playstyle of this build. Spellblade scales very well with Dexterity, thus it should be prioritized on gear pieces when possible for both damage and look to Intel for survivability.

Attributes Offensive Defensive
Increased Melee Attack Speed
Crit Strike Multiplier
Shred Armor on Hit
Cold Penetration
Increased Cold Damage
Increased Health
Flat Health
Increased Armor
Health on Melee Hit

Useful Uniques

Early on, if you happen to find a Prism Wraps Icon Prism Wraps, this chest piece will give you an immense amount of Elemental Damage Leech, as well as a strong reduction to elemental damage taken. Prism Wraps Icon Prism Wraps can be used as early as level 5.

Likewise, upon reaching level 6, Humming Bee Icon Humming Bee can be equipped and used likely until the very end of the build. This one-handed sword adds a large chunk of Attack Speed and will give you good boost of Ward per hit.

If you don't have luck finding these items from a natural drop, you can instead opt to use a Rune of Ascendance Icon Rune of Ascendance on any normal drop you find and hope for the best!


Progressing to Endgame

This build will carry you all the way to the start of the Monolith, where you will need to decide on an Endgame build to follow. Below are the options available for Spellblades.



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