Spellblade Overview for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

Last updated on Mar 08, 2024 at 00:00 by EMP1241

Welcome to our Last Epoch Spellblade build guide for the Mage class. Here you will learn everything about the Spellblade playstyle, passives, skills and strengths or weaknesses to conquer the world of Eterra.


Introduction to Spellblade

"A mage who has mixed martial prowess with their mastery of spells to face enemies in close range. A sword coated in ice and flame, a shield gleaming with wards. The Spellblade is as brilliant as he is deadly."

Mage Class Icon Last Epoch

The Spellblade is one of three Mastery classes that can be chosen from the base class of Mage. If you're looking to play a melee base that uses the magical prowess of elemental empowerment in every skill, look no further. It would not be uncommon to see a wake of icy shards or the charred remains of enemies that once stood up to the Spellblade. Weapons raised against the Mage shatter to his protective ward and empowered armor. Even his most mundane movement skills will tear his enemies to pieces. With exciting visuals and powerful attacks, this is a class you will certainly enjoy.

Gain access to the best Spellblade builds below!


Spellblade Skills

Upon unlocking the Spellblade Mastery, you'll gain access to your Mastery-specific skill, Shatter Strike Icon Shatter Strike. While Flame Reave Icon Flame Reave and Enchant Weapon Icon Enchant Weapon are not specific to the Spellblade, the Mastery Tree itself comes with four skills total that are unlocked by placing a certain amount of points into the Tree itself. All three Mage Masteries can use two of the four skills as long as they hit the requirements to do so. Only the Firebrand Icon Firebrand and Surge Icon Surge skill are reserved for the Spellblade.


Shatter Strike

Description A sweeping melee attack that strikes enemies in a circle around you dealing cold damage and instantly kills frozen enemies below 100 health.
Scaling Tags Cold, Melee, Area, Intelligence, Dexterity
Possible Damage Types Cold
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 15 Mana

Flame Reave

Description A melee attack that release a wave of flames from your weapon cleaving through enemies in a cone infront of you. Deals up to 50% less damage to distant enemies. Deals 16 additional base fire damage. Other added melee damage applies at 160% effectiveness.
Scaling Tags Fire, Melee, Area, Intelligence, Dexterity
Possible Damage Types Fire, Lightning
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 26 Mana

Enchant Weapon

Description Active: Enchant your weapon with elemental power. Your melee attacks deal 50% more elemental damage for 5 seconds. Passive: Your melee attacks deal 15% more elemental damage.
Scaling Tags Elemental, Buff, Instant Cast
Possible Damage Types Fire, Lightning, Cold
Base Cooldown 15 seconds
Base Mana Cost 20 Mana


Description A melee attack which grants you a stack of Firebrand buff if it hits an enemy. Each stack of the Firebrand buff increases the size of subsequent Firebrand attacks and adds melee fire damage.
Scaling Tags Fire, Melee, Intelligence, Dexterity
Possible Damage Types Fire, Lightning
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 0 Mana


Description Quick fixed distance dash which hits all enemies in the path with a lightning melee attack.
Scaling Tags Lightning, Melee, Area, Movement, Traversal, Intelligence, Dexterity
Possible Damage Types Lightning, Cold
Base Cooldown 4 second
Base Mana Cost 25 Mana
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