Paladin Overview for Last Epoch

Last updated on Nov 30, 2023 at 15:30 by AaronActionRPG

Welcome to our Last Epoch Paladin build guide for the Sentinel class. Here you will learn everything about the Paladin playstyle, passives, skills and strengths or weaknesses to conquer the world of Eterra.


Introduction to Paladin

"Where a blow would strike him down, the light within rises; when his allies would cower, this light gives him the ability to lead. A righteous warrior focused on empowering and healing his allies who can take down swaths of enemies with holy fire."

Sentinel Class Icon Last Epoch

The Paladin is one of three Mastery classes that can be chosen from the base class of Sentinel. This righteous warrior battles for the good and light of the world, pushing back the darkness with divine justice. He empowers his allies with his holy aura and healing sigils to push deep into the heart of the darkness and slay all his enemies in holy fire.

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Paladin Skills

Upon unlocking the Paladin Mastery, you'll gain access to your Mastery-specific skill, Holy Aura Icon Holy Aura. While Healing Hands Icon Healing Hands and Sigils Of Hope Icon Sigils Of Hope are not specific to the Paladin, the Mastery Tree itself comes with four skills total that are unlocked by placing a certain amount of points into the Tree itself. All three Sentinel Masteries can use two of the four skills as long as they hit the requirements to do so. Only the Holy Aura Icon Holy Aura and Judgement Icon Judgement skills are reserved for the Paladin.


Holy Aura

Description You and nearby allies passively have 30% increased damage and 15% elemental resistance. Activating Holy Aura doubles the stat bonuses for 4 seconds.
Scaling Tags Spell, Buff, Instant Cast
Minion Scaling Tags N/A
Possible Damage Types Buff
Base Cooldown 10 seconds
Base Mana Cost 30 Mana

Healing Hands

Description Heals all alies in a target area.
Scaling Tags Spell, Buff, Area, Attunement
Minion Scaling Tags N/A
Possible Damage Types Healing
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 11 Mana

Sigils of Hope

Description Summons a sigil that orbits you, causing you and your allies attacks and spells to deal 3 additional fire damage and increasing health regeneration by 30%.
You can have up to 3 Sigils at a time. Sigils expire after 15 seconds.
Scaling Tags Spell, Buff
Minion Scaling Tags N/A
Possible Damage Types Holy
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 35 Mana


Description A powerful melee attack that leaves an area of consecrated ground for 4 seconds.
Allies on the consecrated ground are healed for 50 health each second.
Enemies on Consecrated ground take fire damage over time that scales with spell damage. Consecrated Ground gains 1 spell damage per 5% increased healing effectiveness.
Scaling Tags Fire, Spell, Melee, Damage over Time, Area, Strength, Attunement
Minion Scaling Tags N/A
Possible Damage Types Fire
Base Cooldown 4 seconds
Base Mana Cost 15 Mana
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