Warlock Overview for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

Last updated on Mar 20, 2024 at 21:00 by Lexyu and Enzee

Welcome to our Last Epoch Warlock build guide for the Acolyte class. Here you will learn everything about the Warlock playstyle, passives, skills and strengths or weaknesses to conquer the world of Eterra.


Introduction to Warlock (Updated for Patch 1.0)

"A master of the forbidden arts, she tears into the essence of her foes, twisting and corrupting their spirits. Curses that dim the mind and break the body, the faintest word from her lips bear vile enough magic to snuff the life of her enemies entirely."

Warlock Class Icon Last Epoch

The Warlock is one of three Mastery classes that can be chosen from the base class of Acolyte. This dark caster is an author of curses, breaking down her opponents strength until they're weak and feeble. She is able to command both Fire and Necrotic magic equally, combining these two elements to unleash a powerful medley of damage upon her enemies. Few can stand before her fury and survive to tell the tale.


Warlock Skills

Upon unlocking the Warlock Mastery, you'll gain access to your Mastery-specific skill, Chthonic Fissure Icon Chthonic Fissure. Chaos Bolts Icon Chaos Bolts and Ghostflame Icon Ghostflame are not specific to the Warlock, the Mastery Tree itself comes with four skills total that are unlocked by placing a certain amount of points into the Tree itself. All three Acolyte Masteries can use two of the four skills as long as they put enough points into the tree to unlock them. Only the mastery skill Chthonic Fissure Icon Chthonic Fissure, as well as the Soul Feast Icon Soul Feast and Profane Veil Icon Profane Veil skills are reserved solely for the Warlock.


Cthonic Fissure

Description Opens an infernal fissure in the ground, dealing fire damage over time to enemies on top of it, as well as releasing Spirits from the fissure that seek nearby enemies. These spirits inflict enemies with Torment, a Curse that Slows and deals Necrotic Damage Over Time. Maximum of one active Fissure.
Scaling Tags Fire, Necrotic, Spell, Damage Over Time, Curse, Intelligence
Possible Damage Types Fire, Physical, Poison
Base Cooldown N/A
Base Mana Cost 45 Mana

Chaos Bolts

Description A barrage of chaotic projectiles which land in an area around the target. The explosions deal Necrotic and Fire Damage in a small area.
Scaling Tags Fire, Necrotic, Spell, Area, Intelligence
Possible Damage Types Physical, Fire, Cold, Necrotic
Base Cooldown N/A
Base Mana Cost 10 Mana


Description Channel to release a continuous jet of horrid flames in front of you dealing Fire and Necrotic Damage Over Time. You can not regenerate Mana while channeling.
Scaling Tags Fire, Necrotic, Spell, Damage over Time, Channeled, Intelligence
Possible Damage Types Necrotic/Fire, Physical
Channeling Cost 40
Base Cooldown 0.8 seconds
Base Mana Cost 5 Mana

Soul Feast

Description Feast on the souls of cursed enemies, dealing Necrotic Damage to them, and drawing fragments of their souls back to you. The soul fragments each grant 3 Ward when they reach you. Feasts on up to 13 enemies, prioritizing those closest to you.
Scaling Tags Necrotic, Spell, Intelligence
Possible Damage Types Necrotic, Physical
Base Cooldown N/A
Base Mana Cost 17 Mana

Profane Veil

Description Channel to conceal yourself within a Profane Veil that deals Necrotic Damage Over Time to enemies around you. While concealed you dodge every Hit, but you can still take damage from Damage Over Time effects, such as ailments, and you move more slowly. Lasts for up to 2 seconds (also ends when you release the key). Cooldown does not recover during use.
Scaling Tags Necrotic, Spell, Damage over Time, Area, Channeled, Movement, Intelligence
Possible Damage Types Necrotic, Fire, Physical
Base Cooldown 10 seconds
Base Mana Cost 25 Mana
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