Combat Rogue Level 58 Boost Guide

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This guide was designed to help new and returning Combat Rogues with getting up to speed on how their class plays at Level 58 with the TBC talents and spells.

It is also an excellent first-read for players using the new TBCC Dark Portal Boost!



With the release of The Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard has added in a new feature where you can boost a character instantly to Level 58. In this guide, we will go over the basics of playing a Combat Rogue.

Combat Rogues are a great leveling spec that has a lot of good utility andoffensive capabilities. With this spec, you will have insane burst damage through the use of cooldowns, allowing you to burst some of the harder mobs.



Below, you will find two different builds - one where you will be leveling solo and another where you will be playing with a more dungeon-centric group or questing with players.


Optimal Level 60 PvE DPS Build

This build is focused more on striclty offensive abilities. As you level, you will want to put talents into Relentless Strikes, as well as Lethality in the Assassination tree.


Solo Build

This build is focused more on being well-rounded. As you level, you will want to put talents into Murder, Relentless Strikes, as well as Lethality in the Assassination tree. In this build, you can swap around some talents for a weapon specialization, but you will most likely be changing your weapons based on whichever drops or quest rewards you may have; you may not always be using a consistent type.



Your rotation will always be situational and will depend on what type of mob you are fighting. Generally, if you are questing solo and value sustain, you will be using Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot. If you are doing dungeons, then you will be doing a more conventional rotation of beginning each fight with a Sinister Strike, followed up by a 2 combo point Slice and Dice, with Eviscerate usages if the mob has low HP or Rupture uses if a mob has high HP.



Poisons will change based on what you are doing in fights. Here, we will briefly go over your main poisons you will be using and where they will be most powerful. Generally, if you have a Shaman in your group that will be placing Windfury Totem down, you will not apply a poison to your main-hand weapon.

  • Instant Poison IconInstant Poison is your go-to for main-hand poison that deals direct damage to the enemy.
  • Deadly Poison IconDeadly Poison is the ideal damaging poison for your off-hand weapon on mobs that live a long time. Generally, you will want to use this in dungeons or on elites. Be careful - you will not be able to Blind or Gouge any mobs that you apply this to.
  • Crippling Poison IconCrippling Poison shines against mobs you would want to kite or mobs that run away in fear when they are low HP. If you worry about mobs running away to aggro more of their friends, then this would be an ideal choice for your off-hand.
  • Mind-numbing Poison IconMind-numbing Poison is a great poison to use in your off-hand against spellcaster mobs. This will increase their cast time, giving you more time to interrupt, which will also in turn reduce the amount of time they spend attacking you.


  • Expertise
  • Hit
  • Agility
  • Crit
  • Attack Power
  • Strength
  • Stamina

Important Abilities


Notable Talents and Abilities

In this section, we will break down your basic Rogue abilities and talents. They will be sorted into multiple categories below.


Offensive Abilities

  • Sinister Strike IconSinister Strike is your bread and butter for building combo points. You will be using this ability as your primary combo point builder.
  • Slice and Dice IconSlice and Dice is your primary finisher move that you will be using every fight. It is important to activate this with 1 or 2 combo points as soon as possible, depending on how long a mob has to live.
  • Eviscerate IconEviscerate will be your primary offensive finishing move if a mob you are fighting is expected to die quickly.
  • Rupture IconRupture will be your primary offensive finishing move if a mob you are fighting is an elite or has high HP. Be aware that, if you plan to use Gouge on a mob for any reason, you may not want to use Rupture, as the damage ticks will break the Gouge.
  • Blade Flurry IconBlade Flurry is a great single-target, as well as multi-target, ability. This gives you the ability to cleave for the entire duration and will give you significant burst when paired with other abilities.
  • Adrenaline Rush IconAdrenaline Rush increases your Energy regeneration rate by 100%. This is hands down your strongest DPS cooldown.

Defensive Abilities

  • Kidney Shot IconKidney Shot is an amazing ability for a more sustain-based leveling experience. Though it may not kill a mob faster, you will be able to avoid taking damage with this and, in turn, will have less down time between mobs.
  • Evasion IconEvasion is your go-to defensive ability against heavy physical damage dealing mobs. Evasion will also reduce the chance that physical ranged attacks can hit you by 25%.
  • Sprint IconSprint is your go-to ability for running away from dangerous situations. Talented, this ability will break roots, in addition to increasing your movement speed.
  • Gouge IconGouge is a great ability to incapacitate the target for interrupting, running away, buying time for cooldowns, or getting some bandage ticks in.


Openers are a great way to start fights as a Rogue. A common misconception is that Rogues must be in stealth to start every fight. If you are leveling in a group or killing mobs quickly, you have the option of not always using an opener ability. You would just start with a Sinister Strike instead.

  • Cheap Shot IconCheap Shot is your recommended opener from Stealth in the open world. This will stun the target for 4 seconds, as well as award 2 combo points.
  • Garrote IconGarrote is generally not going to be used as an opener until Level 61. At Level 61 and onwards, ranks of Garrote will now silence the target for 3 seconds, so it will be situational or a good offensive choice.


  • 20 May 2021: Talent Builds Updated
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