Arcane Mage PvP Guide for WotLK Classic

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Welcome to our PvP Arcane Mage guide for WotLK Classic. Here you will learn all you need to know to properly play Arcane Mage in PvP scenarios.


Viability of Arcane Mages in WotLK Classic PvP

Arcane Mages are a bursty specialization, which relies on high burst damage from procs and abilities to win matches. They have great burst damage, but these are tied to cooldowns, so wins usually have to be fast or a loss is inevitable, especially against teams with a healer. They fit into no-healer Arena compositions and are also great in Battlegrounds and World PvP.


Arcane PvP Mage Talent Build

This is the standard PoM Pyro build, which gets all pieces of the combo, as well as Slow IconSlow, which can be important to gain damage through Torment the Weak IconTorment the Weak, buy you a little bit of time, and add some crowd control until you can Polymorph IconPolymorph someone. The iconic combo of Arcane Power IconArcane Power, Icy Veins IconIcy Veins, and Presence of Mind IconPresence of Mind, coupled with Arcane Blast IconArcane Blast, Missile Barrage IconMissile Barrage, Arcane Missiles IconArcane Missiles, and the instant-cast Arcane Barrage IconArcane Barrage will end the game in your favor quickly.

Make sure to get Magic Absorption IconMagic Absorption, as Dampen Magic IconDampen Magic is a huge survivability increase for the compositions you are viable in.


Arcane PvP Mage Glyphs

Recommended glyphs are Glyph of Arcane Missiles Icon Glyph of Arcane Missiles, Glyph of Evocation Icon Glyph of Evocation, and Glyph of Polymorph Icon Glyph of Polymorph as Major glyphs. For Minor glyphs, Arcane Mages use Glyph of Arcane Intellect Icon Glyph of Arcane Intellect, Glyph of Frost Ward Icon Glyph of Frost Ward, and Glyph of Fire Ward Icon Glyph of Fire Ward.


Arcane PvP Mage Rotation

Rather than a fixed rotation, Mage gameplay is about setting up crowd control chains, followed by bursting down a target with all of your cooldowns at once.

Use your spells accordingly to keep enemies under control, and try to find the best timing to burst them down:


Gearing a PvP Arcane Mage in Wrath of the Lich King

The list linked below includes the best possible gear setup for a Arcane Mage in PvP.


Arcane Mage PvP Arena Teams and Compositions

Arcane Mages need to go into bursty compositions, where quick kills with their IV/AP/POM combo can be achieved. Here are some suggestions:

In 2v2, Mage + Rogue is your best composition, as a Rogue can contribute extra burst damage and crowd control to make a kill in the opener much more likely.

In 3v3, Mage + Rogue + Discipline Priest is your best composition, with Shadow Priest also being a viable spec, since you will run out of steam earlier than a traditional Frost Mage anyway.

In 5v5, Arcane Mage can work with most compositions, and is a strong specialization to help burst someone down in the opener. Ideally, you would pair up with an Elemental Shaman which can do similar levels of on-demand burst and also brings the incredibly useful Bloodlust IconBloodlust ability.


Arcane Mage PvP Tricks and Tips

In order to become the best Mage possible, you should understand what your talents and spells are for. The amount of details that can go into this section of the guide is endless, but we will try to keep things brief in order to give you a general idea, which you can use to jumpstart your PvP experience.

Magic Attunement IconMagic Attunement amplifies Amplify Magic IconAmplify Magic and Dampen Magic IconDampen Magic by up to 50% and increases your spells' range by 6 yards. This is typically very useful to lower the damage you take from enemy casters, but will also reduce your healing taken, making it mostly useful in all-DPS compositions.

Improved Counterspell IconImproved Counterspell makes your Counterspell IconCounterspell silence its target for 4 seconds. This guarantees that you can stop your target's casting, even if they do not actually try to cast anything in the first place. It also guarantees full silence, rather than the school silence of baseline Counterspell.

Presence of Mind IconPresence of Mind makes your next spell be instantly cast, but only once every 3 minutes. This can be used to burst very hard with Arcane Blast IconArcane Blast, to instantly crowd control an enemy with Polymorph IconPolymorph, and other, more niche uses.

Arcane Power IconArcane Power increases your damage by 20%, but makes your spells also cost 20% more Mana and only lasts 15 seconds, with an 84s cooldown. This is a very powerful boost to your damage.

Icy Veins IconIcy Veins is used as a damage cooldown together with Arcane Power IconArcane Power.

Arcane Stability IconArcane Stability gives your Arcane Missiles IconArcane Missiles and Arcane Blast IconArcane Blast a 100% pushback protection from damaging spells and attacks. This means only stun/silence mechanics can interrupt your casting.

Arcane Flows IconArcane Flows reduces your important Arcane Mage cooldowns by 30% and the cooldown of Evocation IconEvocation to two minutes.

Prismatic Cloak IconPrismatic Cloak makes your Invisibility IconInvisibility fade you out instantly. This can be used to flee from dangerous combat situations ensuring your survival.

Arcane Barrage IconArcane Barrage launches an several missiles at the enemy; this can also be used to proc Missile Barrage IconMissile Barrage or and benefit from the damage-increasing Arcane Blast IconArcane Blast debuff to give you a powerful instant cast.

Missile Barrage IconMissile Barrage halves your next Arcane Missiles IconArcane Missiles cast time and can induce severe damage in very short time together with 4 stacks of the Arcane Blast IconArcane Blast damage buff and Arcane Power IconArcane Power+Icy Veins IconIcy Veins.

Torment the Weak IconTorment the Weak increases the damage of your main Arcane single target spells by 12%, if the target is slowed. This is perfect when you play with a Rogue who uses slow poisons or if you have Slow IconSlow on your target.

Spellsteal IconSpellsteal is expensive to cast, but when used at the right time, can turn a match around by stealing enemy buffs such as Ice Barrier IconIce Barrier, Power Infusion IconPower Infusion, and Icy Veins IconIcy Veins, or heals-over-time such as Lifebloom IconLifebloom!

Against casters, Molten Armor IconMolten Armor is great in short, burst-oriented matches, while Mage Armor IconMage Armor can give you an edge in prolonged matches. Ice Armor IconIce Armor is the armor of choice against melee comps, as its slow reduces their damage and makes you a hard target to focus.

Burning Determination IconBurning Determination gives you a 20-seconds Interrupt and Silence immunity after you got interrupted. This is extremely potent as it will make you nuke non-stop.

Finally, it is important to note that Polymorph IconPolymorph shares diminishing returns with Gouge IconGouge, Sap IconSap, Repentance IconRepentance, Freezing Trap IconFreezing Trap, and Wyvern Sting IconWyvern Sting.

Frost Nova IconFrost Nova shares diminishing returns with Entangling Roots IconEntangling Roots.



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