WotLK Classic Fury Warrior Spec, Builds, Talents, and Glyphs

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talent choices and builds for your Fury Warrior in WotLK Classic, as well as advised glyphs.


Talent Builds for Fury Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King

Fury Warrior has many choices it can make with its build, having multiple filler points and different talents that may be needed by your raid group. Change your spec to match your raid group's needs, as well as to match your gear.

This is the standard build for a Fury Warrior, but you have many talent choices to make depending on your gear, raid group, and preferences. Anger Management IconAnger Management is a nice talent early on, but loses value the more gear you get as you will have less and less Rage issues. Heroic Fury IconHeroic Fury is great for additional mobility for only 1 talent point, but has limited uses.

If you do not need the hit from Precision IconPrecision, remove points and place them into Improved Execute IconImproved Execute and Anger Management IconAnger Management instead in that order.


Important Talents for Fury Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King

In this section we will go over some of the key talents you will use when you are playing a Fury Warrior. Be sure to understand your most important talents as they are vital to play the build to its fullest strength.

This is a massive DPS cooldown, increasing all Physical damage you deal by 20% for 30 seconds. With Intensify Rage IconIntensify Rage, Death Wish IconDeath Wish has a 2-minute cooldown, essentially having 25% uptime.

Increases your Attack Speed by 25% whenever you deal a crit. Ideally you will want at least 40% crit chance to have high uptime on this buff as it is a large increase to your damage.

Increases your Strength by 20% and reduces your threat generation by 10% while you are in Berserker Stance IconBerserker Stance. If you change to a different stance you will lose the massive 20% increased Strength.

One of the two classes that provide this 5% ranged and melee crit chance to the raid. It makes a Fury Warrior even more attractive to invite to groups.

Gives your Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike, Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst, and Whirlwind IconWhirlwind a 20% chance to make next Slam IconSlam an instant cast. This is a powerful proc that adds a fun element to the rotation page.

This is the powerful 51-point talent at the bottom of the Fury Tree. With this talent, you can wield two-handed weapons in each hand, greatly increasing your damage-dealing capabilities.


Best Glyphs for Fury Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King

Glyphs are a new consumable of sorts introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. Glyphs greatly improve certain spells when you learn them, supporting and even enabling some builds. Glyphs are not permanently learned, so you will want to carry multiple glyphs on you so you can change them quickly depending on the raid or boss encounter you are in. Certain glyphs perform better in different scenarios, so be sure to swap them around appropriately.


Major Glyphs for Fury Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King

  1. Glyph of Whirlwind Icon Glyph of WhirlwindWhirlwind IconWhirlwind is your hardest-hitting ability and this glyph allows you to cast it 20% more often. It is absolutely your best glyph choice by far, and in AoE situations you greatly appreciate the extra Whirlwind IconWhirlwinds you get with this glyph.
  2. Glyph of Heroic Strike Icon Glyph of Heroic StrikeHeroic Strike IconHeroic Strike is a key part of Fury Warrior gameplay, as whenever you have Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike or Cleave IconCleave queued, your off-hand attacks will not suffer from the dual-wield hit penalty. This is a large boost to your damage done and Rage generation, further boosting your damage output, making this a great glyph to constantly use Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike.
  3. Glyph of Rending Icon Glyph of Rending — Increases the duration of your rend whenever you are able to apply it, offering a slightly higher DPS increase over Glyph of Execution Icon Glyph of Execution.
  4. Glyph of Cleaving Icon Glyph of Cleaving — Should be swapped out with Glyph of Heroic Strike Icon Glyph of Heroic Strike for trash and bosses where you will be using Cleave IconCleave the majority of the time. If you will be alternating between using Cleave IconCleave and Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike, or if you are undergeared, swap Glyph of Cleaving Icon Glyph of Cleaving with Glyph of Execution Icon Glyph of Execution instead as Glyph of Heroic Strike Icon Glyph of Heroic Strike is a great source of Rage generation that you will need.

Minor Glyphs for Fury Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King

  1. Glyph of Thunder Clap Icon Glyph of Thunder Clap — Although you will not use Thunder Clap IconThunder Clap all of the time, you will still use it when fight large AoE packs. This glyph increases the size of your Thunder Clap IconThunder Clap, hopefully helping you hit more mobs and deal more damage.
  2. Glyph of Shattering Throw Icon Glyph of Shattering Throw — Makes your Shattering Throw IconShattering Throw instant cast and allows you to use it in any stance. Saves you time, rage and missed autos using this instead of hard casting it.
  3. Glyph of Command Icon Glyph of Command — Typically you will be casting Commanding Shout IconCommanding Shout as you should have the talent Commanding Presence IconCommanding Presence, giving you a buffed version of Commanding Shout IconCommanding Shout. If you are responsible for buffing this shout, this glyph is a great choice.
  4. Glyph of Battle Icon Glyph of Battle — This glyph typically is not used, but is very nice while leveling or in general solo play to reduce how often you need to cast Battle Shout IconBattle Shout.


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