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Zeratul Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Last updated on Jul 03, 2015 at 21:53 by Srey 27 comments

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimally play Zeratul in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. Everything you need to know is explained, from general gameplay to specific tips and tricks.

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About the Author

Srey is Rank 1 in Hero League and a top 10 player on Hotslogs. He played for Happy Faerie Dragons, formerly the top amateur team on the North American server. With the team having now disbanded, he is bringing together a new team, which he hopes will compete at an even higher level. You can watch his stream to see how he plays Zeratul (and other heroes).

1. General Zeratul Strategy

During the early game, avoid staying in lane whenever possible, and instead roam, looking for potential ganks. If you do need to soak a lane, Cleave Icon Cleave offers great waveclear, allowing you to quickly absorb the XP and move on. If you are unable to secure any kills because your opponents are playing too safely, it never hurts to help push out a lane.

Permanent Cloak Icon Permanent Cloak allows you to scout out areas for your team, which is especially important when contesting map objectives. However, even though you are cloaked, enemies can still spot you, due to the shimmer effect of Permanent Cloak. Use a less used route if you suspect enemies of ambushing you, as you are just as vulnerable as any other Assassin if revealed.

2. When Not Team Fighting

The most important and difficult aspect of Heroes of the Storm is performance in team fights, since this is often where games are decided. That said, team fights usually take up a relatively short amount of time, with the rest of the game being spent performing other tasks. In this section, we will walk you through what you should be doing outside of team fights as Zeratul.

In order of priority, you should:

  • Take map objectives;
  • Hold or clear a lane that no one else on your team is in to soak the XP;
  • Gank a vulnerable enemy Hero;
  • Take Mercenary Camps (you can solo the Ogre (Easy) Camp) on your side of the map;
  • Push whatever lane your allies are already pushing the hardest.

Map objectives almost always have the largest impact on the game. If you ignore these, then not only do you miss out on objectives that the enemy takes, but the enemy team also benefits from these objectives. On some maps, team fighting is synonymous with taking objectives, like on Sky Temple or Dragon Shire, but Garden of Terror, for example, does not always promote fights between both teams. The Boss Mercenary Camp on some maps constitutes a map objective. However, sometimes it is best to give up a map objective and to simply keep pushing, but the only time you might want to consider doing this is if it is obvious that you will be unable to contest the objective.

Your goal outside of team fights is to gain as much of an advantage over your enemies as possible, and in Heroes of the Storm, this means soaking XP from minions. If there is a lane without an allied Hero in it, you need to go to it, so that the XP from minions does not go to waste.

If there are no active map objectives and every lane is being soaked, look to gank vulnerable enemy Heroes. Vulnerable enemy Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. They can be overextended, low on health, outnumbered, or in a position that is otherwise unfavourable to them.

If there are no map objectives to take, lanes to soak, or enemies to gank, take the Mercenary Camps. They provide a small amount of XP and a significant amount lane pressure. Taking the Mercenary Camps on the enemy's side of the map is risky, and it should only be done if you certain that the enemy team cannot, or will not contest. Zeratul is relatively ineffective at capturing Mercenary Camps alone, so you will generally need the assistance of your allies.

If you have already taken all that the map has to offer, it is likely that most, if not all of the lanes are pushing in the direction of your enemy. This pressure should be capitalised on. Push a lane with your allies to destroy the enemies' base.

3. Team Fighting and Ability Usage

Before a team fight breaks out, flank your targets from the edge of their vision radius, avoiding any AoE abilities that might accidently reveal you. If you do not have access to Wormhole Icon Wormhole yet, only use Blink Icon Blink to enter fights if the fights are in your favour. Otherwise, you will be in the midst of the enemy team with no way to escape. Once you have Wormhole, you can Blink directly onto the enemy team's backline, Basic Attack, Cleave Icon Cleave, Basic Attack, Singularity Spike Icon Singularity Spike, and then Wormhole out. This entire combination of abilities should take no more than a second, any longer and you will risk being damaged and stunned. If your abilities are on cooldown, you should re-cloak and wait until they become available, unless you are in a safe position to attack enemies.

At the beginning of every game, take into account the Heroes on your team and decide how you should use Void Prison Icon Void Prison. If you have Heroes with a lot of AoE damage, like Diablo, Jaina, Uther, or Gazlowe, you want to hit as many Heroes as possible with Void Prison, with the express purpose of comboing them with your allies' abilities. If your team is composed of mainly single-target damage Heroes, like Thrall, Raynor, or Zagara, use Void Prison on a key Hero, such as Uther, and burst down a vulnerable target before Void Prison ends, preventing them from being able to assist.

4. Summary of Tips and Tricks

5. ChangeLog

  • 03 Jul. 2015: Updated descriptions to match 03 Jul. 2015 talent changes.
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