Pictomancer DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Dawntrail 7.0

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Pictomancer DPS in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail (Patch 7.0).


Pictomancer Gearsets Information

This section includes a few recommended sets for the launch of Dawntrail for Pictomancer to use while leveling. Two options are presented for this, as the first uses a fair few pieces of Savage gear, which all players may not have access to. It should be noted that this gear should be replaced around level 85 or 86, and isn't required by any means for dungeon grinding, it's simply nice to have if you're looking to maximize damage early. In addition, work is still being done on the impact Spell Speed has on Pictomancer, so these may change before the launch of Dawntrail as well, though effort will be made to keep the same links active.

The set below is an example of one of the better options for launch, if one has the pieces left over from another casting job. It should go without saying, but you'll need to replace the Red Mage weapon with the equivalent Pictomancer weapon, which will require you to have a weapon coffer from the same tier ready on launch. If you don't, replace it with a weapon close to the same item level. You may miss out on some stat tiers, but optimizing to that extent for leveling is largely overkill to begin with.


Best in Slot by Category

Leveling Level 100
Level 80 Level 90

At level 80, the best gear available is either Edenmorn from the Eden's Promise raid series or the associated tomestone gear of the same item level - the Cryptlurker's gear. The former requires doing the Savage difficulty of the raids (which can be done unsync'd!) and the latter requires Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. One quick way to obtain the set of tomestone gear (if you have the money to spare) is to purchase a level 80 boost for the Ninja job.


Level 80 Pictomancer Leveling Set


Easier Level 80 Pictomancer Leveling Set

At level 90, BiS gearsets from 2.48 or 2.5 Red Mage and Summoner sets can be used relatively easily. As with before, this gear should be replaced by level 95 at the absolute highest, so if you don't have the gear needed to do so, you can use the unaugmented pieces instead, just replace the gear a level or two earlier.


Level 90 Pictomancer Leveling Set

At level 100, a mix of uncapped tome gear and extreme trials is the best we have available at the moment. Please note that due to the timing changes of crafted gear dropping with savage release instead of weeks before, this will change the day that crafted gear comes out. If you're looking for the best set for EX trials, this is the set to use in the interim.


Level 100 Pre-Savage BiS



  • 02 Jul. 2024: Added level 100 Pre-Savage BiS, added Azeyma's Earring to level 80 leveling sets.
  • 25 Jun. 2024: Added information about level 90 set.
  • 24 Jun. 2024: Added note about Azeyma Earring.
  • 15 Jun. 2024: Guide added.
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