Scholar PvP Guide for FFXIV

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This page contains an overview to Scholar in the PvP mode 'Crystalline Conflict' for FFXIV. Below you will find information on the strengths and weaknesses of Scholar as well as how their abilities interact in this 5v5 game mode.


Crystalline Conflict Scholar Overview

Scholar is a support focused PvP healer that can tilt the odds of engagements in your favor. Scholar excels in more coordinated groups which can time their cooldowns together. While the impact of a well played Scholar may be less obvious than jobs with high personal damage or crowd control, powerful group buffs and debuffs give your teammates the edge they need to press their jobs' advantages.

Note: This guide is focused on Crystalline Conflict. Much of it may apply to other PvP modes, but it is written with only Crystalline Conflict in mind.


Crystalline Conflict Scholar Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Strong party damage buff
  • +Strong enemy party debuffs
  • +Many ways to increase party effective HP
X Weaknesses
  • -Very low burst damage
  • -Lacking in movement abilities
  • -No crowd control



Broil IV

Broil IV Icon Broil IV is your basic damage spell. Use this when in range of the enemy with nothing else to do. It has a short cast time which allows for easy slidecasting. Be sure that you continue moving often, rather than falling into a casting rhythm, as a healer you'll often be a priority target for the enemy and a few extra Broils are not worth being flanked.



Biolysis Icon Biolysis is a DoT and enemy debuff. When used on its own, it provides a reasonable amount of damage over 15s while also reducing single enemy's damage output, typically best used on high DPS jobs. However, Biolysis's true strength comes from interactions with other Scholar abilities. The Recitation buff from Expedient Icon Expedient and Summon Seraph Icon Summon Seraph increases the damage dealt by Biolysis by 50%, making it deal a much more significant portion of the enemy's HP over its duration. Even more impactful, Deployment Tactics Icon Deployment Tactics extends the Biolysis DoT and debuff to all enemies in a radius around the target. This is a very powerful combo that should be used to its full effect in teamfights. The Recitation buff and Deploy can also be combined to deal considerable damage to the enemy party.



Mummification Icon Mummification is an oGCD AoE damage ability and enemy debuff. It has a fairly short cooldown, so don't hold it unnecessarily, but it also has a short range so be very careful not to overextend to get a usage. The healing debuff will often be a significant portion of Mummification's overall damage, reducing Recuperate Icon Recuperate's healing by 3750. In teamfights you can maximize Mummification's efficacy, but always be wary of your positioning.



Scholar has no pure heals in PvP, and your only non-Limit Break healing ability is both a shield and damage buff. It's important to take these extra effects into account and remember that everyone has access to Recuperate Icon Recuperate. While a well timed heal can certainly save a damaged party member, you need to be proactive with using your healing, not purely reactive.



Adloquium Icon Adloquium provides healing, equivalent shielding, and a damage buff to the targeted party member. It holds two charges and has a short CD, making it viable to throw on a party member with strong harass abilities while the teams are keeping their distance. However, like Biolysis Icon Biolysis Adloquium's true strength lies in how it combos with other abilities. The Recitation buff from Expedient Icon Expedient and Summon Seraph Icon Summon Seraph increases the shielding given by Adloquium by 50%, providing a bit of extra cushion. Deployment Tactics Icon Deployment Tactics extends the shield and damage buff to other party members around the target. This is a very powerful party defensive and offensive combo that should be used before or during teamfights when possible. The Recitation buff and Deploy can be combined for a stronger group shield.


Utility and Mitigation


Deployment Tactics

Deployment Tactics Icon Deployment Tactics is one of the most important abilities in your kit. Proper usage of Deploy can change the outcome of teamfights and the momentum of the game as a whole. Deploy can either be used to extend the Biolysis Icon Biolysis dot and damage debuff to enemies near the target, or to extend the Adloquium Icon Adloquium shield and damage buff to party members near the target, both very powerful effects when timed properly. Deploy also has two charges, meaning both of its potential effects can be used at the same time. Try to coordinate usages of Deploy with teamfights and your parties objective pushes.



Expedient Icon Expedient is an oGCD ability that buffs you and nearby party members, increasing their movement speed and reducing their damage taken, and also grants you the Recitation buff. The party buffs are fantastic for pushing the objective and vulnerable enemies, gaining the advantage in teamfights, and withdrawing from dangerous fights. The Recitation buff boosts the damage of the Biolysis Icon Biolysis DoT or Adloquium Icon Adloquium shield by 50%. It should be combined with Deployment Tactics Icon Deployment Tactics for maximum effectiveness. Using it on Biolysis is numerically stronger than on Adloquium, but the stronger shield can still be situationally better. Expedient is an excellent initiator ability as it lets your party quickly attack priority targets and strengthens your group buff or debuff.


Limit Break

Summon Seraph Icon Summon Seraph is your Limit Break. Its base charge time is 90 seconds. The initial cast summons Seraph at the designated location and grants you Recitation. Seraph immediately casts Seraph Flight Icon Seraph Flight on all nearby party members when summoned, granting them immunity to the next debuff that could be cleansed by Purify Icon Purify and the Excogitation buff which provides a fairly significant heal when reduced to below 50% HP. Like many of Scholar's abilities, this is a powerful effect during or before teamfights, increasing your party's effective HP and providing protection against the enemy's crowd control.

While summoned, Seraph will automatically cast Seraphic Veil Icon Seraphic Veil on damaged party members within range, providing some healing with an equivalent amount of shielding. The Limit Break button also becomes Consolation Icon Consolation, which provides party healing and shielding equivalent to Seraphic Veil. Consolation can only be used once per Summon Seraph.

The overall defensive benefits gained during Summon Seraph are considerable, and when combined with your other party buffs and debuffs it gives your party a significant advantage over the enemy. Be sure not to overwrite your Recitation buff from Expedient Icon Expedient when using your Limit Break, and vice versa.


Burst Rotation

Simply put, Scholar does not have much burst to speak of at all. Your strongest one GCD burst would be Broil IV Icon Broil IV plus Mummification Icon Mummification which is only 11000 damage to a single target, and you're left just doing Broils after that to continue bursting. Instead, your "Burst Rotation" is focused on putting out your buffs and debuffs.

  1. Expedient Icon Expedient
  2. Biolysis Icon Biolysis
  3. Deployment Tactics Icon Deployment Tactics
  4. Adloquium Icon Adloquium
  5. Deployment Tactics Icon Deployment Tactics

This is the basic setup for pushing as a party and teamfights. Summon Seraph Icon Summon Seraph can be used before Adloquium to get the Recitation effect on it as well. Try to get in and use Mummification if possible, but don't overextend yourself as you have no crowd control or way to easily disengage besides the Expedient speed buff.



  • 01 Nov. 2023: Guide updated for patch 6.51.
  • 16 Aug. 2022: Guide added.
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