Crystalline Conflict Series 5 PvP Guide for FFXIV

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A new small-scale PvP mode, Crystalline Conflict, was introduced to FFXIV in Endwalker's Patch 6.1. This page contains information on the rewards associated with Series 5 of Crystalline Conflict.


Crystalline Conflict Series 5 Rewards

Each series of Crystalline Conflict will bring different rewards for competing in the mode and completing matches. This page will introduce all of the rewards exclusive to Series 5 of Crystalline Conflict, released with Patch 6.5.


Series Malmstones

Each series comes with different Series Malmstones. You gain experience towards Series Malmstones by competing in either casual or ranked matches of Crystalline Conflict, or participating in Frontlines Roulette.

PvP Series 3 Malmstones

The majority of series malmstones in Series 5 grant Trophy Crystals. Trophy Crystals can be traded into the Crystal Quartermaster in the Wolves' Den Pier for different rewards such as cosmetics and portrait framer kits.

Crystal Quartermaster

In addition to Trophy Crystals, unique rewards are earned at Series Levels 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25.


Series Level 5: Ballroom Etiquette - Defeatist Attitude

Reaching series level 5 will unlock the Defeatist Attitude Emote. This emote can be used with the "/slump" command.


Series Level 10: Palaistra Framer's Kit

Reaching series level 10 unlocks the Palaistra Framer's Kit. Using this kit grants you a background, frame, and accent for your portraits themed on the Palaistra map.

FFXIV Palaistra Framer's Kit

Series Level 15: Tourmaline Weapon

Series level 15 includes the Tourmaline Weapon minion, a miniature version of the Emerald Weapon, which can be summoned from your minions menu.


Series Level 20: Cloud Nine Framer's Kit

Series level 20 unlocks the Cloud Nine Framer's Kit. This kit includes a background, frame, and accent for your portraits themed on the Cloud Nine map.

FFXIV Cloud Nine Framer's Kit

Series Level 25: Fierce Tyrant's Attire Coffer

Reaching series level 25 unlocks the Fierce Tyrant's Attire Coffer. Using this item will grant you a full set of armor. This set is used for glamour and is equippable by all jobs.

FFXIV Traveling Supporter Mount


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