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  2. My friend suffered from severe tremors the last few months before DF release. She had been in decline for a while and was seeking treatments. I was in the beta and I kept stressing to Blizzard how much this was going to impact people like my friend. When DF was released, she attempted to play a couple of days and it was so difficult she never logged in again. She passed in February, after release. She never said this to me, but I believe she was so depressed about not being able to play the game, she just gave up. Wow and raiding was her joy; along with poker nights at the pub but she co
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  4. So Skyriding is unlocked from start but Regular Flying needs an achievement to unlock? Why? Skyriding is faster anyway
  5. Hey Chloreen! Thanks for reaching out. I would definitely use the Strength (Bold) Chimaera's Eyes in any Red Sockets you have available. Strength is by a large margin your best stat as a Frost DK and you'll likely be able to find your necessary Hit/Expertise caps from gear or via reforging. I hope this helps! If you have anything else, feel free to ask.
  6. If you don't like Skyriding, you will need to earn the War Within Pathfinder achievement to switch to old-school flying in the new expansion! In the Mounts Tab, the Switch Flight Style button lets you seamlessly switch between Skyriding and regular flying. However, to enable regular flying in Khaz Algar, you must first earn The War Within Pathfinder achievement. How to Unlock Regular Flying in The War Within? While the individual requirements haven't been implemented, we can safely assume Khaz Algar Explorer will be one of them and you will also need to finish
  7. Man it's a lot of work going through all these classes and specs and redo'ing them and/or balancing them.
  8. This week's War Within Beta build brought numerous changes for Hunters, affecting their class tree as well as all three spec trees. Here's everything that changed. New Class & BM Spec Tree As you can see, the rework is quite extensive, many talents have been removed and replaced with new ones. Existing nodes have also moved. We've highlighted all the Hunter changes down below. Hunter Flanking Strike- You and your pet leap to the target and strike it as one, dealing a total of [ 246% of Attack Power + 245.9% of Attack Power ] Physical damage. Generates 30 F
  9. They're going to show all the spells for all the specs on every spec? I wonder why.
  10. That's oversimplifying it a bit imo. The whole history of WoW consists of the fact that the Void Lords want to corrupt a world soul. It's the whole reason we had Old Gods yeeted at our planet. We have been warned many times that the void has always been our biggest enemy and that corrupting a world soul would basically mean absolute victory for the void. Even our biggest enemies like Sargeras shared our goal of preventing that from happening at all costs, we only disagreed on the means of how to prevent it. We have been shown many glimpses of what happens when the void wins, especially in the
  11. I am looking at the gem guide for frost death knights in cataclysm cata. However, it doesn’t say which gems I should use if I am a jewelcrafter, and have access to the chimera’s eye gems that give higher stats than the normal gems you get from the AH.
  12. The class tree is looking pretty good, just Roar of sacrifice and Scatter shot being out of place (should be close together since both are PvP only - being opposite side of the tree is too expensive). Binding shot shouldn't be one of the 3 center nodes. The BM spec tree however desperately needs 4 more talent points freed up - For Raid and PvP bestial wrath is too expensive to get to with a weak 2 point talent either side. Both BM hero specs require Call of the Wild which is deep in the tree as well - this makes it impossible to run 2 capstones without literally sacrificing ALL
  13. Hi, I'm playing MoP Remix and while your guide suggest Malefic Rapture at level 11, I have Chaos Bolt when I open the ability tree. I'm not sure if this is a remix change or not, but just wanted to mention it for your MoP remix Aff Warlock. 😛
  14. Cataclysm dominates today's hotfixes, with plenty of class adjustments, the previously announced Valor and Darkmoon changes and more, while MoP Remix gets some Tusks non-plate action, and retail a small PvP Paladin fix. June 12 (Source) Player versus Player Paladin Fixed an issue that caused Blessing of Sacrifice to not break Psychic Scream. WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Players who are holding the Tusks of Mannoroth cosmetic item on their non-plate wearing characters w
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  16. Blizzard talked in more detail about the big Hunter revamp that went live in this week's War Within Beta build. The Hunter core tree and all 3 spec trees have been updated to improve secondary stat scaling, condense existing damage effects, expand Hunter's utility, and solidify rotational gameplay and fantasy for each specialization. For more details, check out the latest Beta Development Notes. (Source) Hello Hunters! We’re very excited to unveil the class and spec tree updates for Hunter today! We had a few goals going into this update, and we wanted to com
  17. Blizzard has now finalized the new spellbook UI design and removed the "Work in progress" text from it in the latest War Within Beta build. The spellbook is getting an overhaul in the War Within expansion and while the design was marked as "not finalized and in progress", the text has now been removed in today's Beta build and here's a preview of the final design!
  18. We've summarized all class changes that went live in the first War Within Beta build! The War Within Tier Set Bonuses in Season 1 Blizzard implemented all tier set bonuses in Beta Build 55000. You will find them all here. As for the individual class changes, you will find them below! Death Knight Festering Scythe- Every 20 Festering Wound you burst empowers your next Festering Strike to become Festering Scythe for 12 sec. Festering Scythe Sweep through all enemies within 14 yds in front of you, dealing [ 200% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage and infecting them with 2-3 Fe
  19. RiskyCB is back with another speed run in MoP Remix. This time, the Demon Hunter blasted through the Scarlet Halls in just under 24 seconds. I understand that using clipping to finish dungeons quickly shouldn't be the norm, but it's something many speedrunners do, so we can't overlook their attempts to beat their records. The entire run was completed in 23.96 seconds.
  20. They almost always are, makes me sad that I can't stand mage gameplay
  21. We've summarized all Mage changes and the set bonuses implemented in War Within Beta! Mage Heat Shimmer [NYI]- Damage from Ignite has a 5% chance to make your next Scorch deal 25% increased damage have no cast time and deal damage as though your target was below 30% health. Burning Blood [NYI]- Damage dealt to targets below 30% 35% health is increased by 10% 8%. Mass Polymorph- Transforms all enemies within 10 yards into sheep, wandering around incapacitated for 1 min 15 sec. While affected, the victims cannot take actions but will regenerate health very quickly. Damag
  22. and they pay someone to bring these ideas...is unbelievable.
  23. Lets say a raid has 10 bosses and every boss gives 1000 XP + 5% increase in XP gain. Lets say we have 0 % XP gain at start. So to take it all it means that: After boss 1 we gain 1000XP After boss 2 we gain 1050XP (1000XP + 5%) After boss 3 we gain 1100 XP (1000XP + 10%) ... When we clear the raid we have gained 12250 XP So lets say we dont take the XP from the boss and only the 5% increase When we clear the raid we will have a total of 50% increase XP When we then take all the 10x 1000XP from the bosses, so a total of 10k XP and we calcula
  24. The idea is you get bonus xp on cloak % as high as you can till around 40 or so then you open the XP tokens in the mail. They get modified by your high cloak bonus % and give way more xp than if you opened them when you killed the boss.
  25. but why? the % bonus makes getting to 70 super fast and lets you get the character in a good place come time for War Within
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