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  2. It is they reduced the amount of Haste you recieved with this alpha build. The only thing I could assume is once the power system of SL is turned off and a new one is implimented stat increase per talent choice will either reduced the specifics of the taken talent and possibly give a stat boost that will only be associated with the new borrowed power system.
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  4. Not acknowledging something that had a strong, negative reaction in the playerbase and gave rise to concerns about monetization in Diablo IV is louder than had they just said "we don't want to go in that direction with Diablo IV". Not mentioning it at all is corp-speak for leaving it open as a future possibility.
  5. Still here hoping they decide to remove or at the least make the cooldown on Soar start ticking as soon as you use the skill, and not when you land. If I'm say, farming nodes or stuff I'll be fast moving from spot to spot so even 3 minutes it's anoying because eventually I'll have to use a normal mount and break the fantasy of a flying creature swooping around
  6. I'm pretty sure this is for their remade group loot
  7. you are right it probably goes down to simply fire red fire make ouchi red make ouchi
  8. Haste if for mouth breathers and crit is when DH was the Top of it's game. If couldn't play Momentum build after all these year's then damm! Just a not good player. Or are you a?
  9. it suggests taking soul fire as first talent and it's never used in rotation :)
  10. Am I wrong or is "Chaotic Transformation" already implemented in the baseline Metamorphosis?
  11. I bet players will find a way around that barrier. I.e. selling the item, that may drop, loot it if it drops, after looting just rebuy the sold item.
  12. I mean, it's Diablo four. It follows Diablo three. It's a PC and console game and not a mobile game. Why would they mention Immortal?
  13. I'm all for it. Whatever is a hit may become permanent too, who knows? I like that they intend to create a motive to keep returning.
  14. We have more hotfixes this Thursday, focusing on Shrouded affix tuning and some item fixes. August 18 (Source) Dungeons and Raids Mythic+ Affixes Shrouded Adjusted the health, melee damage, and ability damage of Nathrezim Infiltrators. Vampiric Claws cooldown increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds). Developers’ note: We discovered an issue that caused Nath
  15. Looks like those glyphs may be seasonal? Their goal is for builds to keep changing as they will be adding different glyphs each season.
  16. There is always exceptions to rules, and perhaps upgradeable stuff will be an "exception" ???
  17. I do like the Demon Blades - Your auto attacks have a 60% chance to deal additional Shadow damage and generate 7-12 Fury. Change, that is pretty cool, it will now be worth taking, a 60% chance to generate your needed resource? is very bad when it doesn't proc.
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  19. I'd guess due to the ties between the green dragonflight and druidism but even that's a bit of a stretch imo.
  20. Green dragons do plenty of healing, although red ones are the ones who specialize in it. As to why, probably because there are already some green healing spells, while red is more commonly associated with damage.
  21. Couldn't they have just written "you gain a castrated passive Cloudburst Totem"? PS: Still unsure why Green was chosen as "healing" flight to pair with Bronze.
  22. Not the best way to do it, what if the higher ilvl is the wrong stats? What if you can upg the 280 with better stats to your ilvl? Which leads to my question, what if you have the item but want a new version to upgrade with Valour like in current M+ seasons. Perhaps less an issue with the dungeons being mixed up more but potentially still a problem. As an example, IQD. If you have a maxed S1 version, which is a higher ilvl then a base S2 one but S2 is upgradable now, it would be an improvement for you long term. In this (rather limited but fairly common) situation, people wouldn't farm ba
  23. Here are the Dracthyr Evoker changes that went live in the latest Dragonflight Alpha build. Evoker Preservation Cycle of Life - Every 3 Emerald Blossoms leaves behind a tiny sprout which gathers 5% 10% of your healing over 10 sec. The sprout then heals allies within 25 yards, divided evenly among targets. Temporal Anomaly - Send forward a vortex of temporal energy, healing 3 injured allies within 10 yards every 2 sec for [ 130% 173% of Spell Power ]. Lasts 8 6 sec. Dream Flight cooldown increased to 2 mins (was 1 min). New Talents Divide and Conquer (PvP T
  24. I was hoping Demonic Origin would become a standard talent and not tied to PvP.
  25. Been loving an alt of this build, here at the close of S26: 5 pieces Inna (head, belt, hands, pants, daibo), 3 pieces Justice (shoulder, chest, boots), Bindings Lesser Gods, Travelers & Compass, with cube holding Won Khim Lau, Crudest Boots, and Ring of Grandeur. Mouse has Epiphany and Tempest Rush, buttons have Mystic Ally (water), Dash, Mantra (Conviction usually), Sweeping Wind. Start sweeping wind, fire up the Mystic Allies when Conviction is "cold", and just keep Tempest Rushing forever. Epiph and Dash as needed/avail. Won Khim auto-casts Cyclone to buff the Bindings, and Tra
  26. cant wait looks good idk why ppl keep comparing this to the phone game *filtered* immortal we all knew it was going to be trash since blizzcon
  27. I don't appreciate the nerf to the haste from those abilities. Nor do I like the idea of being pushed toward a Momentum Build.
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