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heroes Heroes of the Storm Founder's Pack

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Blizzard has announced a new Heroes of the Storm in-game item bundle called the Founder's Pack. This bundle will include three starting Heroes, a bonus skin for each, a unique mount, and 2,500 in-game gold for use towards additional content. It will also confer guaranteed beta access.

A short Carbot Animations video accompanied the announcement:

For anyone who has not already opted in to the beta test and gotten access, the Founder's Pack is a reasonable price. There is no price or entry in the Heroes Shop for the Golden Cyber Wolf right now, but a standard Cyber Wolf runs $10 USD, so the bundle's in-game contents are worth about $63.50 (assuming 2,500 gold is worth approximately $5 USD). That makes the bundle a 37% discount, before factoring for the value of beta access.
The Battle Bundle currently available lists all of the same in-game inclusions for the same price (it shows the discount as 31%, and calls the 2,500g a 'bonus'). This means that the beta access is not costing you anything above and beyond the in-game value!
The bundle information is available on the Heroes website:
The ability to purchase the Founder's Pack is not listed in-game, due to the beta access inclusion. It must be obtained through the shop.
Blizzard has clarified that opt-in beta invites continue to be sent - you don't have to purchase access:

Founder's Pack is just an option. Have no worries; we're still flagging beta opt-ins. If you're down to wait just hang out we'll flag you! - Kevin Johnson
If you're not already brawling in the Nexus with prior alpha or beta access, will you be purchasing the Founder's Pack?

Blizzard is offering up a bundle for Heroes of the Storm - including guaranteed beta access.

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When are we getting any guides, builds, strategies from HOTS? Icy Vains has anything coming soon?


Tx in advance!

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I'm watching MFPallytime Daily Quest youtube videos for some game insight. Game looks amazing and fun. Each hero has the potential to be OP when played right. Unlike DotA2, the game seems more objective orientated, and the shared exp pool makes it more fun imo.


When I get the chance to play, I'll throw out some builds & tacticssmile.png


Q: Are we (Icy-Veins) getting a Heroes of the Storm/Starcraft 2/Overwatch forum sections? (EVen if some of the games are still in alpha/beta)

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