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So, I've been fiddling with weakauras for a few weeks and have been searching around the Internet for example of setup I could use or get some inspiration from. I was quite surprise that there was no thread here about that, so here it is.


My own setup: http://i.imgur.com/4o6izMz.jpg



I'm using a laptop, as such my screen size is not very big (used to raid on 27-inch screen in Cata) and being a raid leader, I need access to a bunch of information. As such, I was trying to find a way to make my aura relatively compact/small so as not to hinder my vision but also big enough to catch my attention when something of significance occured.


On the left of my health bar you can see all defensive CDs, this way I have an easy time following my SBlock uptime and my CDs duration. It's a dynamic group, so it always appears first at the bottom and grows upward. So while it might seems very big at first glance, I rarely have more than 3 CDs used at the same time.


In the middle of the screen, Revenge and Shield Slam CDs. Middle icon is a rage monitors, it appears when I reach 60 rage to avoid waste. The execute aura is for when I get into execute range (or SD proc if I run with this spec) to make sure I don't dump rage into HS when I could Execute. The icon on the other side is when I'm not enrage and Berserker Rage is off cooldown. I found I wasn't using it at all so I decided to track it. This is a new addition and I haven't tested it in raid situation yet so we'll see if it's useful or if I might have to change it.


Anyone want to post their own version?


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I'll admit my first few tries were far from being conclusive. I had stuff everywhere, but I learned to used the group mechanic (dynamic or not) to make things a bit easier. If you are interested, I can post the strings to any of those auras.

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      Hello guys i would like to share my weakauras for each healing class, hope you like it ;)
      Any feedback is appreciated
      New to Weakauras ?
      You can download it here :
      Copy - paste the code of which you can find down below  (Import string) On the wago.io webpage links you can find a copy string button on the right, colored red.
      Like this :  When ingame type /wa to open the control panel of weakaura. Select "import" Paste the string from the wago webpage into this. A screen will pop-up and select the import button on it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
      Update Log :
      11-02-17 : Improved Shaman Healing tool.
      25-02-17 : Improved Paladin Healing tool.
      17-06-17 : Alot of changes to the Shaman Healing tool and a few to the Druid Healing tool.
      26-06-17 : Massive update for Holy palading Healing tool !
      01-07-17 : Massive update for Holy Priest Healing tool !
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      Since i know little about monk healing, i do not feel like ill be the right person to try and make a weakaura
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      Hello all.  I usually update my Elvui using the Tukui client.  But for some reason today their webpages are giving me a "page not found" error message.
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      I already know how to make a progress bar that will simply track how much time is left on my DoTs on my target and tick down.

      What I want to do is create a progress bar for my DoTs that will track their duration as being out of a fixed number (say, 24 seconds), instead of always updating the maximum of the bar to be whatever the duration of the DoT was when it was last applied.

      Basically this is what I want:  http://imgur.com/ltzKg11
      Please help!
    • By Jorvalt
      So, I was just wondering out of curiosity if there was a way to change the weakauras trackers for sunfire and moonfire to be based on an absolute value of the maximum time sun/moonfire lasts for rather than being based on a percentage of how long the DoT has been active on the target. Basically, doing it the normal way, if you have Nature's Balance (which you should) then using solar wrath or lunar strike will extend the duration of sunfire/moonfire, respectively. However, basically all this does to the tracker is make it decrease slightly slower each time. For the sake of convenience I'm just going to refer to it as a bar because that's what I use. I want it so that when the DoT is at its maximum possible duration, the bar is completely full, and then decrease from there. That way, it's less confusing.
    • By papamajuritus
      Is it possible to track multiple mobs by their name around me for what they're casting with weakauras?
      I'd really like to keep track of the infernals in The Highlord's Return challenge, since i really can't keep track of them while 5 other things are happening which usually ends up me flying in the twisting nether, picture related.