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overhealing as mistweaver

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I am fairly new to healing, having dabbled as a priest back in wrath.


I have noticed I have really high overhealing in raids, probably as I spam renewing mist on everyone to get uplift (around 50-90% - cant link world of logs as it is blocked from work)


I am wondering if this is normal or am I doing something wrong.


Also, how useful are monks as a healer compared to other healers? We don't have any damage mitigation spells besides life cocoon (though I don't know any other healers than priest) and lately I have been wondering if we are the weakest healer.

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Mistweaver isn't weak at all, that being said you dont "need one" like you need a paladin or disc in your raid at the moment. The way I kind of think about it is Discs & Pallies bring utility and are basically mandatory. The remaining spots you need throughput healers and the choice is Druid > Mistweaver > Holy Priest > Shamman in that order in my opinion.


If you could post your logs when you get back from work (pref warcraftlogs if you can) I can look. But no that amount of overhealing isnt normal generally as a MW you're looking at about 20-35% overall.


Possibly you need to manage your timing with Pool of Mists better. Like for example saving the stacks for when quake comes in on twins, or for the shadow/fire/frost whatever phases on Koragh. Timing that blanket is important as MW. You generally want to have ReM on 6 people at once until big damage comes in. Remember that uplift does the same healing on 6 as it does on 20 (Diminishing Returns). But throwing it out as a blanket makes it work much more efficiently since 1) the DR doesnt count people on full health and 2) smaller heals on more people overheal less. You still get increased healing from ReM when you do that though, it doesnt DR.



Gimme logs

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