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[EU-Defias Brotherhood][H] Sacrosanct - Mythic raid team

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Do you want a guild to call home? It’s the most common phrase I hear from initiates after their two week trial period. Sacrosanct is truly something different. We do not like the terms Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore/Casual mainly because we don’t fit into any of those categories. We like progression, we like focused serious raiders during an encounter but we also like having a laugh and using the entirety of our toybox during trash/waiting for the encounter to start.


We have had a long fight to get to where we are now but it’s our online family and every moment fighting has been worth it. A stable successful progressive loyal band of highly skilled players that don’t take themselves too seriously.

In case it isn’t clear from the above the aim of the guild is simple – Top 20 raid team, collaborative, persistent and enjoyable progress raiding where the good of the entire guild takes priority over individual gain e.g. progress, loot.


Intrigued? What we require from you:

·         650+ iLevel

·         Some heroic experience

·         Good knowledge and understanding of your class

·         90% attendance to our progression raids (Thursday, Monday, Tuesday 8-11 server time)

·         A will to dedicate to our guild aim


Currently looking for a healer preferably Monk or Paladin but other classes may be considered.


For more information please visit Sacrosanct.eu or speak to an officer in game. For ease of contact feel free to add me on battletag: Jadeyz#2760



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Busy busy week which warrants an update.


Recruitment: We are currently looking for either a monk or priest healer and either an elemental shaman, rogue or warlock.


Progress: We now have 2/7 Mythic Highmaul and have a latest kill video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi2rvExk4I4 . We have started guild gold challenge modes again in a fresh season.


Raid days: We have swapped days after a guild vote with an overwhelming majority choice. We now raid Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 21:00-23:00 server time.


As always feel free to contact me in game via my real id Jadeyz#2760 or via our website Sacrosanct.eu

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Due to the server problems yesterday I'm very sad to say we haven't had a chance at BRF HC yet. Can't wait to get in on Sunday and update you more though.


For now however we have opened up a variety of positions for healers and dps. Please take a full look at our list at Sacrosanct.eu

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Currently 1/10 HC BRF and 3/10 normal. Feeling quite good for our first night. Variety of spots still open for dps and healers. Fell free to add me on realid Jadeyz#2760 or visit the website Sacrosanct.eu

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