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Axis [Ragnaros - Horde- EU ] is comprised of a group of about 15 close friends. We are looking to expand our roster for mythic, as we have recently achieved 7/7HC. We are primarily looking for ranged caster DPS and healers. Following, is a list of qualities the ideal candidate would have:-

Dedication - You show up to raids on time (Thursday/Sunday/Monday 20:30 server time). You contribute to the guild bank and help others from our community as they would help you.

Enthusiasm and Maturity - Have a drive to progress and a positive outlook on the raiding experience. You never rage because you know that one, people make mistakes, and two, wiping is part of the process. Socially Adept - You get along with people easily,

You have a good sense of humour and you are up for a laugh when chatting on TS. However, you are able to give 100% focus on the pull. Skill - You know your class and can contribute to strategy on both a personal and raid wide level. You can keep yourself alive and you admit when you have made a mistake. If you think this sounds like you and you are interested in trying out with us, please post PST anyone in the guild in game and an officer will get back to you.


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