[US-Echo Isles][A] <Adept> 10/10 H Recruiting dps

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<Adept> on Connected Draenor/Echo Isles is recruiting a few dps and a healer.
We raid Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm PST server - 10pm PST server. We are a long standing group of friends who have raided together successfully for over 4 years. We have a fun, progression focused raid environment.

Current progression
Highmaul: 2/7 Mythic 7/7 Heroic

BRF: 10/10 Heroic. M Beastlord sub 10%

Loot system:
We run a fair loot council system based on raid performance, raid attendance, and overall need for the item such as bis or a huge upgrade. Two consecutive weeks of good attendance and performance is our trial period.

*What we expect from you:
*Dedication to the raid team. 90% attendance and commitment to
our raid schedule.
*Willing to improve yourself in order to improve the raid team over all. Your Improvement is the raids improvement.
*Willing receive positive and constructive feedback.
*Knowledge of your class and boss fights.
*Excellent Raid Awareness

*What we can offer you:
*A fun raid environment with funny and amazing people.
*Stable environment that isn’t going to stop raiding and leave you high and dry
*Progression focused guild.
*We will provide flasks, food, enchants, Gems & repairs for our raid

Currently looking for:
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman
Any Mdps (warrior closed)

*Guild uses Mumble for communication

If you have any questions or interested in joining the guild please feel free to contact us. healshake#1586
You can also apply at http://adept.guildlaunch.com/

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