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[EU-Sylvanas][A] Unity Path, new social semi-hardcore raiding guild

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<Unity Path> is a dedicated raiding guild with an emphasis on building a strong social community.  We strive for quality raids but we are not necessarily aiming for world or server rankings (although a decent ranking would be a bonus!) while maintaining a light raidingschedule (3 days a week). As such we uphold a certain standard when it comes to raiding. Members of our raiding roster are expected to behave during raids, know their class and have a possitive attitude towards improving oneself and raiding in general. If youre raiding for loot, then youre not suitable for our raiding roster.

We are an international guild (with incredibly diverse backgrounds!) so being able to comfortably (preferably fluently) communicate in English is a must. We are tolerant to all kinds of people wherever they come from and whether they are new or veterans of the game. The main goal of our guild is raiding but we house a mix of PvE and PvP players. Everyone is welcome here in Unity Path.

Our current members have been friends for a while and played on different servers together. You will likely find us teamspeak together (almost all day every day). Outside of raiding we like to do PvP and other side activities together. We encourage new members to do their best to socialize. Like mentioned before, we want to build a strong and social community together. 

If you are looking for a social community, then we are the guild for you. Visit our website @ Unitypath.guildlaunch.com for more info. If for  whatever reason you want to contact someone ingame, then feel free to whisper one of the following people ingame:



Tianshun (Human1ty#2889)

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