Holy Paladin BiS in one place Thread (Help)

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Would anyone be kind enough to make BIS list in one thread for holy paladins and which tiers to be taken and which of the 5 tier items should be left out for non-tier item , Thanks 

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Smth like this?


As for me - first of all we shoud look at ilvl, if it higher - item better. If ilvl same, we shoud look for stats,priority crit-haste-multi-mastery/versa. Ofcouse you want spirit at rings,neck and back. Aslo you probably want trinkets from list, but one of them for dps class, so you shoud replace it with this or this, couse most raid liders wont give dps trink for heal. Also candle still good trink as for me.


Also i think tier-bonus for us crap(my thoughts here), and you probably want replace it with other equip with best stats for you.


ps: i pick some 85 gear instead of 95, couse 95 not much better, couse it have not good stats for us.

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