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[EU-Ravencrest][A] Blades of Chaos 7/7H 3/10H

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Hi Ravencrest,


Blades of Chaos, that's us btw, are inviting social players and raiders to join us.


If you can see yourself fitting in with an active, mature community (25+) of like-minded gamers who uphold values of having fun while still being competitive, you enjoy banter on TeamSpeak and you reguarly see yourself contributing to our website (www.bladesofchaos.net), we'd be glad to have you join us.


All of the officers are veteran WoW players (most have been raiding and/or PvP'ing since Vanilla) and all have at one point run guilds themselves. This means you are being led by people who not only know how to lead and run a guild but also know how to have fun. After all, thats why we're all here.


The guild comprises of a diverse array of a players from all over Europe. Some have been part of their respective realm top guilds for past expansions (PVE and PvP). Other's are ex-professional gamer's. Some are just here to chill out, and better themselves and the guild.


With the launch of Blackrock Foundry we have started to expand our raiding team in preparation for Mythic. 


We're currently 3/10HC (only raided 2 nights so far). We're pugging a few players at the moment however we would much prefer dedicated, proficient raiders to join us.


We raid on Weds (reset night), Thursdays and Mondays from 20:00 to 23:00 server time.


We are specifically looking for the following classes:



protection warrior  or protection paladin or brewmaster monk


HEALERS: holy paladin and/or resto shammy and/or mistweaver monk 


DAMAGE: druid (balance), mage, warlock, & shadow priest


Exceptional players regardless of class are welcome however cannot always promise raid spots.

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We've just had a pally heal join us so now looking for either a restro shammy or MW monk.

Also still looking for:

TANKS: protection warrior or protection paladin or brewmaster monk
DAMAGE: druid (balance), mage, warlock, & shadow priest

Tonight's raid starts at 8PM server time - if anyone is keen on pugging with us to get a feel for the guild. Please reply and we can look at getting you in for tonights raid.

Warglaíve - Ravencrest

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