[US-Ghostlands][A] Perfect Storm is LF a few good raiders!!

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Perfect storm is an alliance guild for the skilled on Ghostlands-US
We raid from 8:30-11 server every night, yes only 2 and a half hours every scheduled raid night.
We are a stable guild, we've been around for 6 years and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon! We are historically in the top 5 progression guilds on Ghostlands in most expansions.

Our core values are as follows:
1) We bring the skill first and foremost. With a small amount of time to raid per night we need skilled players above all.
2) We are dedicated to facilitating your self improvement. With our mentorship and training systems we make it impossible for you to suck, unless you don't listen or don't care.
3) We are a social guild, a family. We are in each others lives, supportive of each others struggles, and understanding when RL happens, just let us know if you can.
4) We don't berate, we keep corrections in raid constructive and try to give people polite reminders instead of degrading or embarrassing them. You don't have to treat people like crap to get success.
5) This is the guild where we create the impossible, hardcore raiding results, with a casual and social gameplay atmosphere.

Perfect Storm is currently recruiting:
Death Knight (DPS)(High priority)
Warrior (DPS)
Druid (boomkin and resto)
Monk (Windwalker)

To apply please visit our website at or whisper:

Recruitment officers: Blade#1806 and Shroom#1811
Lead Officer: AnnaThomas#1532
New Recruit/Mentorship Officer: fyre#1190

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