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Arms Reforge

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I've come to an understanding that Mastery is almost equal to Crit

but I don't know how to know that how much Crit to Mastery when I do my reforging , I mean , I get like 1100 Mastery Rating , and about 2400 Crit Rating , is my Mastery so far behind ? if I had to make it closer to Crit I have to give Mastery more weights than Crit to make it closer.

is it wrong ? when I go to it says Crit should get more that mastery .. but like this it will reforge all mastery to Crit , giving mastery nothing at all.


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Thanks for posting your question here.

Your understanding that Mastery is almost equal to Crit is not correct. From our stats page for Arms Warriors (here), you can see that we list Mastery Rating well below Critical Strike Rating.

To clarify, Critical Strike Rating is the best secondary statistic for Arms Warriors (second only to Hit Rating until the cap and possibly Expertise Rating until the Expertise Cap).

So, you should try to get as much Crit as possible. If your Mastery is very far behind, that is no problem at all.

In this case (as well as many others), wowreforge is accurate in saying that Crit is higher than Mastery.

If you post your armory, we can probably give you some specific reforging advice :)

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