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[WW] Storm, Earth and Fire

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One of my friend is playing a Windwalker monk and we're trying to figure out how to improve his dps. We know his uptime on Tiger Power is way too low (between 50 and 90% depending on the bosses), but what I've been wondering about is his use of Storm, Earth and Fire.


I see WW logs where they use SEF on let's say Flamebender for the wolves. They'll keep attacking the boss and put the spirit on one or even the two wolves. They are doing way higher than my friend in term of DPS so I'm assuming this is a good choice, but how do you decide if it's worth using SEF?


My friend is also starting to play with the Chi Explosion spec, which he wasn't doing before. Any tips on that could help as well. I'm going to link his armory and some logs, if you have any more advice on how to increase his dps output, would be much appreciated.



Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/hcyjBvfXgV8WFJ1D


Thank you!



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In general, if multiple things need to die and will live more than 15 seconds or so, SEF works well. The problem with SEF is that it is NOT burst AoE; it's more like a cleave stance.

Since it costs GCDs to spawn a clone, the clones need their own self buffs and the best moves to abuse it are channeled or DoT (Rising Sun Kick -> 4 Chi Explosion, or Tiger Palm -> RSK -> Fists of Fury) and that you need Chi available for finishers, it takes time to set up. If you are in a fight where adds are getting bursted down in three GCDs, trying to use SEF will be problematic*. On the other hand, things like Brackenspore's adds or Flamebinder's wolves live long enough to make the SEF set up pay off. And, of course, the more things that are tanked in one spot the better: nothing makes me happier as a wind walker than seeing three ChiExplosion dots ticking down on the boss. :)

*That being said, there ARE ways to make it work, like dropping a SEF clone on Beastmaster and attacking the adds yourself, or speccing into Rushing Jade Wind and Hurricane Kicks and skipping the RSK - spawn clone/spin kick/hurricane. That should be slightly more viable in 6.1.

The big thing is being aware of upcoming movement/add lifespan/how much burst you have on tap.

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...since it costs a GCD to spawn a clone...

Negative.  SEF hasn't cost  GCD in quite a long time.  The only thing it will interrupt now, or disrupt in gameplay, is if we are channeling FoF or CJL.  Otherwise, game on.  No GCD usage with SEF.

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