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Prot Spec - Getting Crushed in H BRF

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Hey all,


So my guild has recently started running H BRF after going 7/7 H HM. While I still had some issues staying alive while tanking, I'm really starting to notice a problem now that we have attempted Gruul (too many times, honestly). In comparison to a similarly geared Prot Warrior, I am getting CRUSHED. I am taking much more damage to the point of where I am dying much more than any other tank I've seen yet, and I'm honestly at a loss. I use CDs, and I still get stomped.


I ran a heroic Gruul PUG today, and after multiple attempts, we finally got him down (again, seemingly randomly 1 shot one an inferno slice). I have the logs here:



Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I know my DPS was atrocious (trying to go for maximum mitigation, as it seems I need to be worried much much more about dying than doing more damage). I've been pooling holy power to try to get a SotR off just before an inferno strike (again, it doesn't seem that it's mitigating the ~31% damage it's supposed to), so I don't think my seraphim was up as much as it should have been.


My gear can be seen here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/laughing-skull/Nahiri/simple. I don't think 669 is too low for H BRF, but I may simply be running into a gear issue. What do you guys think? Please help!

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Sacred Shield uptime seems really low. Should be close to 100% and yours is at 37.25%. 


2 Divine procs is not enough to consider that talent. Holy Avenger is much better if you are running with seraphim. 


Number of shield of righteous casts are very low also. You should take a look into fixing that.


Check buff uptimes on my paladin and see if you can find out how you can improve.



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As you rely on Seraphim as your tier 7 defensive ability you should know that even though very strong when up it leaves you down when on cd. It will leave you HolyP starved for a lot of time while you build HolyP for the next Seraphim.

The critical thing in this fight is for the tanks to manage Overwhelming Blows stacks, the physical Inferno Strikes and the following magical DoT. Your tactic and the tanks' execution af that handles the Overwhelming Blows fine so you don't get overwhelmed - no more about that. However your rotation of Seraphim is not really executed well with your tactic. As you see here you simply don't align Seraphim with the strikes and your following tanking. He casts a strike roughly every 17 secs and you have 15 secs cd on Seraphim. That should (in theory) make it possible to align Seraphim with Inferno Strike every time and let it cover far most of the melee after too (you would have to cast Seraphim a little early to be sure that it's not on cd next strike). So that would improve your mitigation a lot. Remember that you take a lot of magical dmg too so use Divine Protection and external cd every time.

On a last note I see you cast Word of Glory a lot. Don't do that. Use your spare HolyP on SotR instead and only use Word of Glory with 5 Bastion stacks as life saver fx after a strike. Generally WordofG is weak without Bastion stacks.

On a very last note check out this for good ideas to the fights. Especially Divine Shield and Ardent defender is useful in this fight  if you know how. Be aware that on mythic at least 4 persons have to soak strikes.

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