[US-Tanaris][A] <Eighty Six> LFM heroic night raiders

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[us-tanaris][a] <Eighty Six> LFM heroic night raiders

=== TLDR version ===


Eighty Six

US-Tanaris (PvE)

Raid Times: 
Tu, Th, Mo 815pm-11pm CST / 915pm-12am EST

Heroic: 7/7
Blackrock Foundry
Normal: 6/10

All classes specs


=== Expanded version ===

Eighty Six started off as a daytime progression/mythic raiding guild and recently was able to create a second, independent evening/night time raid group. We have had success clearing heroic HM, given less than ideal raid compositions and with a relative late start to raiding. We are currently trying to rapidly expand/recruit to progress into mythic BRF and looking for like minded raiders who can attend our 3 raid days on a consistent basis.

We have a solid, helpful, friendly, diverse group of raiders who would welcome more raiders, and who knows, friends. Many of the current raiders have been raiding together for years and have extensive raiding experience. We would like to develop a team of skilled raiders who will advance well into mythic progression, not immediately, but definitely.

We are looking for team players who:
- value progressing as a team more, than padding meters
- learn from mistakes
- follow raid strategies
- can execute raid mechanics
- keep educating themselves about their class and raid encounters
- come prepared to raids on time
- can keep their cool during stressful situations and stay focused
- are mature and drama free
- have access to Mumble + have a working mic
- are obsessed with improving their character

You will be provided with repairs, enchants, gems, potions, flasks, and any other craftable material.

- Tank:
1 Tank please

- Heals:
1 Mistweaver

- R DPS:
Mages, Locks, Boomy

- M DPS:
Ret pally, Rogue

Please note: We are not excluding any class/spec and we welcome any application of classes that aren't listed above. Exceptional players are always welcome.

We have fared quite well without any sort of strict loot rules so far, as we can weigh gear needs and our progression goals quite effectively. We will however reserve the right to distribute loot if it makes sense given certain needs. We might consider moving to a loot council in the future if the need arises.

Application process:
Please fill out an application on our website for the PM team



Macheadshot#1361 - applying via website is preferred.

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had to make some minor updates to the time and updated the boss counter. 

still looking for raiders who would like to experience norm and h raids with mythic just around the corner. 

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