Survival Hunter and Aoe situtations.

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Hey all.New to the forums and new to the Hunter class.

Here is my armory :


My problem is AOE fights.On singe target fights like Grull i manage to pull about 28k-29k dps using Lone Wolf.However when it comes to AOE fights like Operator Thogar my AOE damage is kinda bad taking into consideration  the fact that the other two Hunters of my guild manage to pull about 1m-2m more damage than me.They both use Focusing Shot and they both have the Epic 690 Ring.The real is problem is that i am used be Focus starved on single target fights(which is fine by me as i am used in spamming Cobra Shot) and when i use Focusing Shot  on AOE fights i usually cap my Focus because i need an "on-demand" Barrage.Any advice to make things betters in AOE situations and in the usage of Focusing Shot is welcome.Thank you all in

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