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[EU-Doomhammer][H] Sangus Amicus - Casual raiding normal/hc, sundays 8pm CET, LF mainly healers and ranged dps

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Greetings fellow nerd!


We are currently looking for Healers, who would be ok with going dps from time to time as needed.

Our current main healers are paladin, priest and shaman - but any healer you prefer is fine with us.

We are always on the lookout for good people in general and could use some more ranged dps


A bit about our guild:

Sangus Amicus is an old guild on Doomhammer, with a proud tradition of fun, relaxed raiding. While not always overly succesful, we seem to come out on top most of the time :) Our guild consists mainly of a core group of veterans, who's been together for years. That said, we are very welcoming to new people who actively participate in the guild.


We raid normals and heroics once we gear up a bit. We raid every sunday at 8pm CET. Please note that most of us are adults with responsibilities and other things require our attention from time to time, and this may impact our raiding. This is part of the reason we are recruiting, so that we will have backup players to fill the missing roles.


If you are interested, please whisper/mail me ingame at Hyperlite-Doomhammer or reply to this thread.


Best wishes, Hyperlite - Assistant GM of Sangus Amicus

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