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Golden Onyxia , What to do ?

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Onyxia is very rarely played in Constructed, so short answer, yes.

Although don't necessarily dump all the dust into another Legendary, if you're missing important Rares and Epics, turning 1600 dust into 4-8 of those cards is going to help you out more than one Legendary.

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    • By Valkyr
      Hey, with the community buzzing with the latest format news, I bet it has shaken up many people's crafting, disenchanting, pack buying and gold amassing strategy. So wondering what strategy are people following? I guessing it would depend on if you plan on which format you want to play in (or if you wanna play both). 
      Edit: thought I'd mention some strategies I was contemplating. 
      1. Collect all your gold and dust for update and then see whats what. May result in the next two months to be a bit boring and stagnant.
      2. spend gold on classic since that will remain no matter what. Any cards you get which end up being nerfed will be equal to free dust for crafting (either from classic or new set)
      3. Save gold and dust for new expansion even though it will retire in 2 years.
      4. Spend gold on GvG to complete collection or get that particular card for Wild instead of having to craft it.
      5. Get TgT since it will become relevant past update.
      What are you all thinking?
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      I just opened a pack and got golden Cenarius, I don't play Druid so much but I was wondering if I should disenchant him to craft Dr.Boom? Or should I craft a different legendary, I play Mage and Face Hunter.

      Thanks for your help.
      : )
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