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[EU-TARREN MILL] [H] <Eventide> *Recruitment Closed*

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The Eventide Project is essentially a “Kickstarter” scheme, minus the financial investment! We are a newly formed semi-casual late night guild, comprising of current raiders who are dedicated to creating a new raiding location for players on Tarren Mill – EU.


History and Philosophy:


After the closure of the raiding guild Eminence on Tarren Mill, a handful of the raiding roster was left without a home or an effective team to raid with. With the social aspects of Eminence being so great we couldn’t bring ourselves to part ways, and so came together with an idea to launch a new raiding guild with fresh ideas and the drive to establish a successful foothold.


What we want to create is a guild which raids 6 hours per week (two hour bursts, three nights per week) and keeps progression focused, quick, and enjoyable!  It has been proven to work.


As a late night guild we are conscious of people having busy lives and therefore limited playtime. Choosing to raid for two hours as opposed to the standard three, allows us to cater for players who may not be able to dedicate their time as much as they would like to due to family commitments, work, education etc… It also eliminates the potential burnout that the third hour of raiding often brings to a guild. 


What is the point of raiding that extra hour if everyone is tired and can’t concentrate? Nobody enjoys that situation!


We pride ourselves on our stable, fun and welcoming atmosphere; we are drama free and personable. The composition of raiders is mainly university students and working professionals, giving our members an average age of 25. 


Overall, we aim for both our social and raiding aspects to flow hand in hand.


Our Raiders:


We are a tight knit group of friends, venturing into the unknown together! Through raiding with Eminence, we have 

accrued personal achievements of 7/7H and 2/7M Highmaul, 9/10N and 7/10H Blackrock Foundry. The majority of us have raid leading and guild leading experience, and we plan to utilise those skills for ours, and your benefit.


The founding members have the credentials to provide you with an effective and enjoyable raiding experience. Let us prove ourselves to you… a potential “Eventider”!




Wednesdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 22:30pm to 12:30am ST (9:30pm to 11:30pm GMT)


Here is how we see a typical raiding week. It is a simple three step process:

1. Tactical information on boss encounters (such as videos, documentation etc…) is provided via the forums one  week before the scheduled raid, for all players to watch/read and analyse. Tactics discussion will be open and encouraged during this time.

2. Upon official raid nights, players will be invited with the assumption that they have taken time to research the intended bosses for the night. Due to the two hour raiding window, detailed tactic explanation wouldn’t be feasible. Five minutes will be dedicated to group organisation and a small Q+A prior to each boss fight.

3. After the first pull, the routine will be simple: resurrect, run in, eat food, flask up and be ready to pull. Quick bursts of active play will allow us to get in a decent amount of attempts for two hours’ worth of play time![/ul]

This routine will continue for the duration of the week until the content is being farmed. This way concentration remains high and people won’t get bored (hopefully)!


The fight for progression through Mythic is a difficult feat to achieve and in our own experience, it really does bring out the worst in people! Nobody wants progression if they don’t enjoy raiding. This is why we will be taking our progression steadily, beginning with Normal > Heroic > Mythic.


About You:


First and foremost we are looking for players who share our passion. 


Gear can be farmed, strategies can be learned and roles can be taught, but it is the presence and attitude of the person we value the most.


Being able to keep a level head in the face of uncertainty is a must. Raiding can be stressful sometimes. While we strive to keep our raids fun, relaxed, and enjoyable, there will be times when mistakes are made. There may even be times when we spend the entire night wiping on the same boss or even the same mechanic. It's all part and parcel of the game!


The last thing we would ask is for a level of trust and dedication. We value each and every member of our guild, and in turn will invest a lot of resources in you. The least we can ask if for you to give the same in return. We aim for the guild bank to eventually pay for raid night repairs, flasks, potions and enchants. 


Our raid schedule is light, so we focus on maximising the time we have and every person in the raid is key to achieving this!


How to Apply:


We are actively looking for players to strengthen Eventide and help us establish the guild, so if you like what you see, you can be a valuable asset to our raiding team and our family! 


At this stage we are not interested in you filling out a long and boring application. Instead, we would like you to write a little something about yourself as a person and a player of WoW. You can include progression and other achievements if you like, but we mainly want to gauge your personality! It doesn’t have to be long or detailed either, just make sure you provide us with your character name/BattleTag and the server you are currently playing on. 


Show us using your own vocabulary and creativity that you are a good fit for Eventide!


You can send all information to: joss.ryan.warcraft@gmail.com, or equally send us a mail/chat in-game. Just add JossRyan#2270 (Thrassion in-game), Xandina#2394 (Xandina/Tarchuck in-game), or Enyas and we will take it from there.


*We cannot stress enough to potential applicants that Eventide is a project and like all new guilds in the process of establishing themselves, it will take a while and will require full support of all members in order to be successful. We are looking for players who are willing to invest their time with us and build something unique and great.*




We hope you've managed to make it to the end of this long post. Please seek us out in-game if you're interested in applying. If not, then good luck in WoD and all future endeavours!

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