[EU-Auchindoun][A] icecream 2d/week Fri/Sat 6/7M HM - 10/10HC BrF

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About Us


icecream is founded on Auchindoun by a group of friends during MoP. Some of us have been raiding since the end of TBC some joined us at later dates. We have not always been in the same guild. But we kept in touch and enjoy playing various games with eachother. Such as World of Warcraft where we achieve to raid under the same banner once more.


When Siege of Ogrimmar hit we found ourselves alt raiding on Fridays & Saturdays. This started as a casual thing with friends enjoying the game. We however prefer to have quality raids and progress, the raids grew more serious over time. This is where icecream transformed to a 25-man weekend raiding guild. Our goal is to clear content at relative speed and grow as a guild and community.


Raid Times (Server Time):


Friday 19:45-24:00

Saturday 19:45-24:00


What we expect:


High attendance

Class knowledge

Quick learning curve


Understanding of boss mechanics

Working microphone for Teamspeak 3


What you can expect from us:


Experienced raiding team

High paced progress

Endgame raiding experience

Laid back atmosphere

Enjoyable raiding hours




Druid (balance/guardian)


Monk (mistweaver/windwalker/brewmaster)

Paladin (holy)

Priest (shadow)

Shaman (elemental/restoration)


Exceptional applicants







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