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[US-Kil’Jaeden][H] <Dark Guard> KJ Rec for two groups.

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Group 1 runs Friday 7:30 PST to 11:30 PST and Saturday 6:30 PST to 10:30 PST

Group 1 is 7/7H 1/7M (Pre-merge) 8/10N and 5/10 H (Expecting to be 7 or 8/10H this weekend.) the minimum item level required for Group 1 is 670. 90% raid attendance is mandatory.

Class Needs for Group 1 are:

Warrior: Exceptional Applicants only

Paladin: 1 Ret (with Holy or Prot OS) 1 Holy with Ret OS

Hunter: 1-2 Any Spec

Rogue:  Applicants only

Priest: Applicants only

Death Knight: 1 (Must be able to play both Frost and Unholy specs)

Shaman:  1-2 Enhancement/Ele OS

Mage: 1-2 Fire/Frost only

Warlock: 1 Demonology Preferred

Monk: 1 Windwalker with Brewmaster OS

Druid: 1 Feral Druid


Group 2 runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7pm PST to 9pm PST.

Group 2 is currently still in the process of building a strong core of players. Group 2 is 6/7 H, 2/10 N minimum ilvl for Group 2 is 640. 66% (that's 2 of 3 days per week) raid attendance is required.

Warrior: 1-2 DPS Warriors (1 with Prot OS high demand)

Paladin: 1 Ret:  Holy OS required

Hunter: Applicants only

Rogue:  1 Combat Preferred Will Review all applicants.

Priest: 1: Shadow Holy Offspec required

Death Knight: Frost/Unholy (Blood OS recommended)  

Shaman:  1 Elemental/Enhance only

Mage: 1-2 Fire/Frost only

Warlock: 1-2 Any spec needed

Monk: WW with Tank OS

Druid:  1 Feral and 1 Boomkin

We will consider exceptional players who are interested in raiding in both raid groups on different characters. (Sorry we do not allow mixing the same character into each raid group.)



Group 1 is more of a serious hardcore attitude with minimal breaks, members can be sat for underperforming. We are pushing to be the top group in the 2 day raid bracket.

Group 2 is more of a laid back but still get the job done type of group. Group 2 is pushing for progression but not on the extreme 4 hour with no breaks type scale. (We  will have an optional raid day built in down the road as progression improves and our core works itself out.)

Our loot system is Loot Council in both groups as we are looking for progression, for an in depth explanation of how our council works feel free to contact me in game.


For more information or to interview to join please add me on battlenet and we can start a trial.


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