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[US-Laughing Skull][H] Looking for reliable raiders on Laughing Skull/Cho'Gall/Auchindoun

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Laughing Skull – Horde - looking for dependable, skilled raiders


Core group of seasoned Raiders looking for a few people to join us for raids. We will be running BRF and HM on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Many of us are on nightly and run old content for fun and transmogs. We need the following to round out our crew:


We raid Tuesdays at 9:00pm-12:00am CST time and Friday/Saturday at 10pm-1(ish).


1 Tank – Non-Warrior preferred 

1 Raid Healer – Skilled Druid preferred

2-3 Skilled DPS – Skilled means a sound understanding of your class’s rotation, CD usage, stat priority, and the ability to take criticism and adapt to improve!


We are mostly looking for intelligent people that want to have a good time and kill bosses without the stress and nonsense that comes with pugs.


Those who are easily offended by crude humor need not apply.


This obviously applies to connected realms as well, Cho'Gall and Auchindoun people can join as well.


If interested the contacts are: Mayknn, Ex, Bhaals, Asidius (all on Laughing Skull)



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