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[US-Alterac Mountains][A] <Grimm> - Recruiting for Mythic raiding

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If you're eager to join a mature guild for Mythic raiding, consider <Grimm> on Alterac Mountains! We work hard to maintain great teamwork, respect each other's best efforts, and keep a drama-free playing environment. If you want to run with others who just truly enjoy learning fights and progressing together, this might be the guild for you!

<Grimm> of Alterac Mountains is a semi hard-core raiding guild, currently 3/7M HM and 8/10H BRF. We are adult players with busy lives, yet still intent to progress through the most challenging content that WoW offers. Most of us have only played together for a few months, although others have raided together for nearly a decade--but we're all very friendly and eager to welcome others. We have a solid Mythic team now, but seek to improve. Any raid spot can be yours, if the performance, consistency, and team-player attitude is right!

Understanding busy lives, we try to maintain a deep roster of Mythic-ready players who can offer maximum flexibility. Our progression raids are Tues-Thurs, 8:30-11pm EST. We never pressure anyone to be on more than they want to, and are happy to share spots when more than enough are available. We run farm raids on other days throughout the week, and sometimes before and after Mythic raids.

We are happy to accept applications from any raider that is smart, friendly, and a good team-player. Must be able to communicate on vent. We are willing to accept players who still need gear, if they can commit to being part of the long-term team. Well-geared players DPS (675+) may be immediately competitive for a Core spot.

Many of our members are also interested in PvP, running old raids and Challenge Modes, leveling alts, and chasing Achievements. Come join us! Website http://grimm-guild.enjin.com/ with links to our logs.

Contact me in game for more info! Atsela#1208

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