Poll-What kind of guilds do you prefer?


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  1. 1. Which guild would you rather be in?

    • A small guild with around 75+ people that you know and like, but people aren't on often
    • A guild that has 1000+ members and there is always someone on to help you, but you only know 2 or 3 people
    • I don't like guilds.
    • Guilds with around 200 people with around 10 active users at any given time

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What type of guilds do you prefer?

Also, post your guild too if you want.

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I prefer small guilds where I know most people, though admittedly Icy Veins hasn't left me much time to socialize with all my new guildies as of late.

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This poll needs more options Posted Image .

Im used to guilds with a max of say 20 active accounts / users - we had a high of 13 the other day!

I personally dont see much benefit from being in a guild with 1000+ members, guilds are meant to be personal places for banter, help and ultimately friendships, as soon as you go beyond a certain number of members you might as well just be guildless.

Just from my personal experiences ofc!

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I like the smaller guild with people who are active. Like Peelyon said, 1000+ people in a guild is the same as hanging out in general chat in a capital city.

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Did you and Vlad meet from the same Guild?

No, we started playing WoW together. We played a number of games together before that ;)

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A guild where I am in charge was not an option Posted Image

As for me I was in two fairly large guilds before the guild I'm in now. The first guild I was in combined with a new guild and it became tons of people I didn't really know with a couple who I did, at that point it became pointless to be a member as I was an unknown to them as they were to me.

I joined a new guild and as it grew in size I noticed that the raid group I was leading became lost in a sea of the revolving door of people coming in and leaving the guild. My raid group had became a guild within a guild because we was the only ones that communicated with each other.

After that we left and formed a new guild, to be small and to be people we know, if you are not hanging out and playing with people you know then is it really enjoyable? Being in large guilds if you are not on the top you are not really a part of the guild you are a spec of dust waiting to be washed away.

Small guilds bring more to the table than a large guild IMO.

As it sits there are 112 characters in my guild (many alts), but I'm proud to say that I know and have talked to at some point every single person and would consider at least 90% of them friends.

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I voted for a small guild, but I would definitely say that 75+ members is quite big to be considered "small".

Both Damien and I were, for a good while, part of the rather tightly-knit leadership of a small 25-man guild (in Wrath of the Lich King). We had about 30-35 active members, and about another 10 "friends and relatives" or so. It was quite good times for me, and I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. Being that we were in a council-type-leadership, I got to experience the ability to lead without having all the pressure put on me.

That guild later turned into a much smaller 10-man guild, and that was also very enjoyable, as we had a group of 10-12 active raiders/members, and I can confidently say I knew all of them well at that point. It was like a "home away from home", so to speak.

Lastly, I later joined a big 25-man guild as a regular member, and while that was quite fun, it did feel like I was just a class/spec combination there, and nothing really more.

I can't imagine ever being in a guild with 1000 members! What would be the point?

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I personally prefer small guilds i like to see people on vent and interact with them. this to me is what keeps me playing a game it needs to be social for me to enjoy it.

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I like my current guild, about 400 characters (lots of alts). I think there are about 80 active accounts, I'm not sure because I haven't checked the exact number in some time. At peaks there are about 45 people online, this happens mostly during raid times. otherwise there are between 8 and 20 people online. All these guys are great and a lot of friends/socials are in here as well.

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I would agree that 75+ mains is quite a large guild really - a smaller guild with a core group of people is better as you can get to know everyone and it makes the game much more enjoyable. We've been going through the slightly painful task of replacing some of the guys that had been arround for about 5 years (lost them to the dark side/SWOR) so it has taken some time but I think we are getting back to having some really good banter.

There is also the difference between being in a social/raiding/hardcore guild which I think again makes a big difference about the sort of people it attracts.

Generally I have found that large guilds are not even that good for leveling - if you are in a group where you know people quite well there is usually someone about who will help run you through tricky quests or instances, or to level an alt beside. (fyi)

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Cheers for the extra voting option!

Sadly the one down side of having a very small (10-15 active users) means that if a few people decide to take a break it can hit you pretty hard.

Weve really struggled with the length of 4.3 with still no firm date set for MoP, plus the addition of Diablo, weve kind of grinded to a halt. I think plenty of guilds are struggling to maintain progress / keep things ticking over, and sadly I think its a content issue. I was really hoping for a stop gap raid like Trial of the Crusader this expansion so the final raid like Dragon Soul could have been pushed back a little further.

However Id still prefer to solider on knowing the people around you, rather than nameless faces. With the ability to create free guild websites, Facebook groups and other things its easy to get to know people a lot more than you used to. After all the only reason I still play WoW is for the people I play with.

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Have never yet seen a big (500+ members) guild who are also a viable raiding guild. The big guilds per realm seem to attract all the undesirable people such as beggers and spammers.

I have always preferred a smaller guild who can competently manage 10 man raids without the need to pug people. Having said that, I have just realm transferred away from the realm I have played on for 6 years - due to it being overrun with immature players, so currently I am looking for guild!

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Have never yet seen a big (500+ members) guild who are also a viable raiding guild. The big guilds per realm seem to attract all the undesirable people such as beggers and spammers.

I have always preferred a smaller guild who can competently manage 10 man raids without the need to pug people. Having said that, I have just realm transferred away from the realm I have played on for 6 years - due to it being overrun with immature players, so currently I am looking for guild!

If you say what realm you are on you may find your fellow icy-veiners have a home for you!

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definately partial to the smaller guild, but then again, im co guild leader in one guild, and leader in a second guild (a parody guild of our main guild just for fun...i know, us RP'ers are WEIRD lol) .... then i have two more just for bank space...... id rather team up with other small sister guilds like ours for a raid, then beg for entry into a raid from one of the "big" guilds.......lets face kind of makes you feel like your in a meat market...."spin around" "show me your gear" "whats your ilvl" "link me your recount" ....nope, i like THAT rogue better, they are sparklier....*head--->desk*..its just not FUN.... and its supposed to be FUN! right? :) First thing our members get for being new members is enough gold to train. Then they get new bags. Embersilk. 4 of them. Then they get potions elixirs and food for their level..... Then they get PETS! and TOYS! LOTS of em!!! Because a Guild, even one as little...ESPECIALLY one as little as ours, should BE FUN! *^__^*

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Like people said, this poll is really really unprecise...

I prefer guilds with 20-30 people online at any given time. I don't need to know them, although I hope it's a guild that has some decent requirements so I know who am I dealing with... Notes ftw.

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      Raid times: 20.00-23.00 CET
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      Recruiting for Heroic and Mythic Raiding:
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